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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP XXXX-1 and SCP XXXX-2 must be kept physically separate 25 days of the month.

SCP XXXX-3 is to remain in SCP XXXX-4, between cells 222 and 221

SCP XXXX-1 is to be kept in cell 221 which is placed at the center of XXXX-4, encircled by cell 221. Subject allowed into SCP XXXX-4 upon desire between sunset and sunrise

SCP XXXX-2 is to be kept in cell 222 a circular cell divided in four (4) parts that encircles SCP XXXX-4 and cell 221. Subject is allowed into SCP XXXX-4 upon desire between sunrise and sunset.

SCP XXXX-1 and SCP XXXX-2 are allowed to communicate upon desire over a closed-network landline, or over a closed-network IRC. All conversations are to be recorded and analyzed. If the subjects begin to discuss escape, communication is to be immediately severed, and visitation privileges are to be withheld until further notice from the Director.

SCP XXXX is allowed full access to information via the internet on a read-only basis. Any attempt for them to communicate directly to the public is to result in visitation privileges being withheld until further notice from the Director.

Products of SCP XXXX are to be collected and released to the public under various pseudonyms provided by the Office. Public reactions are to be recorded.

SCP XXXX does not need to be brought food. Subjects eat vegetation produced by SCP XXXX-4. DO NOT ALLOW SCP XXXX to ingest anything not produced by SCP XXXX-4

Cell 222 is to be magnetized whenever SCP XXXX-2 sleeps (this only occurs after contact with SCP XXXX-1), otherwise subject will become incorporeal and disappear. In case a repeat of the [EXPUNGED] incident occurs, SCP XXXX-1 is to be released with a tracker. SCP XXXX-2 will reappear within 1 day-6months, depending on the time of year, and the global location of SCP XXXX-1. He will typically travel towards the equator and west until he finds SCP XXXX-2.

All conversations with SCP XXXX are to be recorded.

Agents are to refrain from asking SCP XXXX questions about future events. Violation will result in the immediate termination.

Agents are to refrain from un-shielded contact with SCP XXXX. Violation will result in immediate
termination. Contact with XXXX-4 without permission from SPC XXXX-1 causes death of contacted area, and the psychological degradation of SCP XXXX.

All physical interactions between SCP XXXX-1 and SCP XXXX-2 are to take place ONLY within SCP XXXX-4

Description: SCP XXXX is a Four-part entity.

SCP XXXX-1 is a humaniod male, birth name [redacted], simply referred to as "K" by SCP XXXX-2. Subject is 6'2" (187.96 cm), weighing 163lbs (73.93 kg), with blonde hair and blue eyes. Genetic
evaluation determines him to be a German of 20 years of age, despite found birth certificate stating his birthday to be —— —, 2012. Exhibits strong magnetic field, and Agents report feelings of familiarity as if they have known SCP XXXX-1 from a distant memory, even if they have never seen subject before. Skin is hot to the touch 210 F (100 C), but internal body temperature and functions are that of the standard human. When attempted to be captured by photograph or video, Subject appears as a white light.

SCP XXXX-2 is a humanoid female, birth name [redacted], sipmly referred to as "L" by SCP XXXX-1.
Subject is 5'4" (160 cm), weighing 123 lbs (55.79 kg), with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Genetic evaluation determines subject to be of German, African, English, and Native American descent and 18 years of age, despite found birth certificate stating subjects birthday to be —— —, 2012. Subject has a tattoo of birthdate on the left side of her torso, from her back to under her breast of her birthdate in roman numerals. The year changes of its own accord to reflect her unchanging genetic age of 18.
Prolonged contact with SCP XXXX-1 causes the skin of XXXX-2 to bronze, and her hair to lighten, as if she has spent extended time in the sun. Skin is cool to the touch 32 F (0 C), but internal body temperature and operations are exactly that of the standard human. Subject is unable to be captured by photograph or on video. The only way to capture an image is through an artists rendition. This however has proved mediocre at best, for each artists rendition is different, the only common thing between them being the skin, hair, and eye coloring.

Humanoid organisms claim to be one and the same, and when spoken to, refer to themselves as “we”. They only use the word “I” when speaking to one another.

SCP XXXX-3 is a hybrid canine (chihuahua/pomeranian) weighing 10lbs (4.53kg) and measuring 2 feet from nose to tip of tail (60.96 cm). Subject's registered name is [redacted] referred to as "S" by SCP XXXX-1 and SCP XXXX-2 Organism rarely makes any noise. If in need of attention from SCP
1787-1 or XXXX-2, subject will simply face cell 221, or whichever section of cell 222 is occupied by XXXX-2, and appropriate entity will enter SCP XXXX-4 to tend to SCP XXXX-3.

SCP XXXX-4 is an area of vegetation containing 4 streams that each flow from under cell 222 towards cell 221. At night, whichever section of cell 222 is occupied by SCP 2797-2, the stream that flows from underneath will flow toward cell 222 instead of away from cell 222. Subject is produced by SCP XXXX-1 and SCP XXXX-2 copulating out-doors. Organism begins to grow wherever the two humanoid organisms stop and make a "home". SCP XXXX-4 will not grow if SCPs XXXX-1 and XXXX-2 are not at "home" in the same area. If one is away for longer than 365 days, SCP XXXX-4 will begin to die.
Fruits and vegetables of every variety, even plants incompatible with the growth zone of the
cells, grow within SCP XXXX-4. Psilocybin mushrooms, Cannabis, mescaline, peyote, plants of the
psychotria strain, the banisteriopsis caapi vine, and other plants used to make psychedelics grow
within SCPXXXX as well, though the subjects exhibit restraint when consuming these types of plants. When ingested by SCPs XXXX-1 and XXXX-2, they enter trance-like states, in which they sit facing
eachother, making eye contanct, without auditory or physical expression. SCP XXXX-3 continues to
roam the garden freely during these rituals and does not interfere. Any attempt to interfere these rituals causes agents to experience burning sensations, hallucinations of demons, or amnesia.

SCP XXXX was discovered at site 78666 in - --, — living as the owners of a commune. According to their reports, their "children", as they called community members, began exhibit cult like behavior and worship the subjects as deities, despite the insistence from SCPs XXXX-1 and XXXX-2 for commune members to "leave, find the meaning of their lives" and"use the commune only as a place for intermittent rest". When commune members became frenzied, subjects attempted to leave, but were hunted down by the community and brought back to the commune. Out of anger, subjects set fire to the commune. They were found by agents in the center of the burning SCP XXXX-4, without clothing, holding SCP XXXX-3. Despite sitting on burning vegetation, subjects were un-injured.