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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Foundation personnel are to maintain an observation post in proximity to SCP-XXXX. Video recording devices are to monitor all doorways and windows into the anomalous zone. Any incidents or events that subvert the current understanding of the anomaly are to be documented.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the interior space of lecture hall ███ in the Faculty of East and Eurasia building, ████████████████ University in Chelyabinsk, Russia. No individual has ever been observed or documented entering the hall, and the best evaluation currently available is that SCP-XXXX is a space that is impossible to enter. This is despite the fact that SCP-XXXX has multiple doors providing access and windows that allow observation of the interior, with no obstructions that would physically prevent access to the space.

According to official documents dating back to the construction of the Faculty of East and Eurasia building, lecture hall ███ has never been booked for any lectures, scheduled for maintenance or cleaning, or utilized for any University functions. Similarly, Foundation observation records indicate that no ingress operation has ever been planned for SCP-XXXX, nor have observation staff attempted to enter the space as part of observation duties.

For further information on the ongoing insufficiencies in Foundation observation and investigation of the anomaly, see Addendum XXXX-Alpha.

Current observations indicate that SCP-XXXX has an additional anomalous property beyond being impossible to enter, in that it also appears to discourage occupation and usage of its containing building. University records indicate a 27% drop in student enrollment, beginning four years before the construction of the East and Eurasia building. The drop in enrollment is almost entirely contained within the Faculty of East and Eurasia, with a smaller drop of 4-7% in other faculties that make use of the building's facilities. Additionally, the Faculty of East and Eurasia hosts an extremely small staff and custodial service relative to other faculties within the university and comparable faculties in similarly sized institutions.

Addendum XXXX-Alpha: Excerpt of O5 Council memo regarding ongoing staffing shortages in the Chelyabinsk Oblast

…Regional Director Mikhelson has noted that the major contributing factor to the lack of any attempt to explore the interior of SCP-XXXX is due to a severe under-staffing issue at the Chelyabinsk Oblast field office that has persisted since the office's establishment. This has resulted in excessive paperwork backlogs and crippled logistics management for the region.

Director Mikhelson has stated that due to his scarce available manpower is being prioritized for dangerous or threatening anomalies, the observation post for SCP-XXXX is currently unmanned and all monitoring data is instead being forwarded directly to the regional office, where it is only infrequently reviewed.

Director Mikhelson has advised that the specified containment and observation procedures will be properly adhered to once staffing shortages have been rectified.

It is the opinion of this council that Director Mikhelson has failed repeatedly to follow Council instructions that he should take steps to rectify staffing issues within his office. Director Mikhelson has also failed to follow even basic initial-procurement procedures for SCP-XXXX, to the point that it cannot be stated with confidence that SCP-XXXX is anomalous at all. A proposal is currently pending to replace Mikhelson with a new director capable of performing such rudimentary administrative duties as the proper requisition and allocation of personnel, and who will not allow anomalies to go unverified, unobserved, or unsecured.

The matter is currently pending a vote after further deliberation.

The others say there is a staff notice from O5-14. They say that the containment for 2359 has been revised; that our project has been shut down, and we’re being reassigned.

If there is one thing I know, it is that there are only thirteen. There has only ever been thirteen I am certain that this time tomorrow, I will know that there has always been fourteen.

2359 is uncontained. The council is compromised. If you are reading this, you’ve already seen too much of the article.

Chances are, you’re already infected.

- G