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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Site-288-A is a 1 km by 2 km stretch of coastal New Jersey.

Due to its proximity to the borough of Atlantic Highlands, the site is enclosed by a primary and secondary electric fence and peppered throughout with class-B stun/amnesic gas mines. The site must be manned by no fewer than six guards in the guise of a civilian security detail.

Trespassers are to be returned to the west gate and reminded of the 'ongoing cleanup operation' and the risks of exposure to the heavy metal salts in the area (such as blindness, dementia, and impotence.) Trespassers who are more than 65 years of age and/or of Irish descent should be taken for questioning.

Site-288-B is a remote 750 m by 2 km section of the west coast of Donegal, Ireland. Site-288-B includes the entirety of the former village of Blenn Point.

The site is surrounded by a razor-wire fence. Thick woodland provides cover on all sides. The site is inaccessible by sea, and the one road to Blenn Point is easily monitored at a natural choke point 1.2km to the north. Class-B stun/amnesic gas mines have been distributed in and around each of the eleven original buildings.

The site must be manned by no fewer than four guards. The isolation and beauty of site B makes it suitable for personnel requiring a light duty rotation following workplace trauma, and the houses make suitable residences for guards and staff.

The seventeen prior residents of the village have been fitted with sub-dermal RFID markers, administered broad-spectrum amnesics and distributed to shelters throughout Ireland and the UK. Should any return to within 5 km of site B they should be seized at the gate on Old Groarty road and the redistribution process should be repeated.

Addendum 8/10/201█: Since [DATA EXPUNGED], pairs of pillbox-style bunkers have been situated fifty meters from the ingress/egress points of SCP-XXXX at sites A and B. The bunkers have been built to withstand stresses equivalent to ten tons of TNT detonated at that remove. Foundation staff must withdraw to these bunkers during all transport operations. Complications can and do occur.

Addendum 12/1/201█: Foamer batteries have been erected at sites A and B and the security detail has been doubled. The foamers will automatically ensnare any vehicles that do not carry Foundation transponder type TP-3. Transponders are available from senior Acquisitions personnel upon request. Missing transponders must be reported without delay.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 6.24 km (or, 2.14 km) length of standard gauge rail track that connects New Jersey, USA to a remote village in County Donegal, Ireland.

SCP-XXXX obeys at least one strict rule: it will only permit the passage of rail vehicles carrying at least one minor passenger, and the number of adult passengers must not exceed the number of minors. When this condition is met, the vehicle will disappear into an invisible planar surface at the local end of the track and re-emerge three seconds later from a similar surface at the remote site.

When this condition is not met, the vehicle will simply derail.

An observer on a suitable rail vehicle passing from one site to the other experiences exactly three seconds of buffeting darkness, likened to traveling at speed through a short tunnel. This period is unaffected by the vehicle's initial velocity or any attempt at acceleration.

For the purposes of SCP-XXXX, a rail vehicle is any single object with at least four steel wheels appropriate for standard gauge track, or an aggregate of connected rail vehicles (engine, carriages, etc) no than 0.53 m apart at any time. A viable vehicle can be as simple as a wooden platform with four wheels traveling under its own inertia. (An attempted crossing in the same vehicle with three steel wheels and one wooden wheel resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED]. The remains rematerialized in front of the next viable vehicle to pass from site A to site B.)

A passenger is any human being wholly within the bounds of a viable rail vehicle. Passengers only partially within the bounds of the rail vehicle will only partially appear on the other side. Each adult passenger must be accompanied by at least one nominally alive human under thirteen years of age. A human fetus will suffice only if it is viable outside of the womb. A cloned child in a catatonic/blank-slate state will also suffice (for a supply of cloned children, see SCP-███). Dead children will not suffice, nor will children in any known state of suspended animation.

SCP-XXXX first caught the attention of the Foundation during routine heuristic scanning of a genealogy forum for Irish Americans in 2010. One user mentioned that her grandmother and great aunt had long insisted that they had come to the US by train. Others added similar stories of grandparents and great-grandparents, all wards of the [REDACTED] in Ireland, who were certain they had come to [REDACTED] adoption centers by train, but were at a loss to explain how. A common link between the reports was a lack of any immigration record for these individuals. A number of users (including one 72-year-old first-generation immigrant) traced the common landmarks in the stories to the stretch of track at site A and mounted a group exploration of the area. Foundation assets intervened at this juncture. The capture and hypnotic regression of the first-hand witness led to the discovery of site B.

The extant residents of Blenn Point had been conditioned to be unhelpful to authorities other than the [REDACTED], even under psychological duress. Psychotropic-assisted reconditioning methods were applied with varying success. One elderly male revealed that his brother had been 'disappeared' by the [REDACTED] in 1934 for questioning his local [REDACTED] on the matter of the train-loads of children that departed but did not return. An elderly female assured Agent █████████ that the children were the offspring of 'bad sorts' and 'undesirables', sent to a 'better life'.

The mechanism behind SCP-XXXX remains a mystery.

The tracks themselves are common steel with trace amounts of silver throughout. Chemical analysis of the steel reveals identical carbon/nickel ratios in the steel on either side of the Atlantic, suggesting the track was sourced in the same foundry. Wear is consistent with regular use as recently as 1950.

The local apparent end of the track at site A was previously obscured by an unknown party in a dilapidated rail shed. The apparent end of site B was overgrown with dune grasses and gorse. The track at these points appears to be cleanly cut, and this exposed surface does not tarnish or rust.

The tracks are engraved with regular twenty-five-yard distance markers that suggest some 4.1 km of the track is unaccounted for.

The last wooden sleepers on either side of SCP-XXXX are cut from the same piece of acacia of Middle-Eastern origin. Carbon dating reveals the wood to be 2000 (+/- 100) years old. A biblical passage was engraved on the ancient wood before it was split to make the sleepers: "Iesus vero ait eis sinite parvulos et nolite eos prohibere ad me venire talium est enim regnum caelorum" ("But Jesus said, suffer little children, and forbid them not to come unto me; for such is the kingdom of heaven." [Matthew 19:14]). The letters only become apparent when impressions of the sleepers are put together.

The remaining sleepers are locally sourced from either side of the Atlantic and are not more than 200 years old.