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Item #: SCP-3476

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3476 is to be tied to a 4cm long metal cylinder with a 1/2cm diameter. Both ends of the cylinder are connected to 5cmx0.5cmx5cm square metal plates, preventing SCP-3476 from being released from the cylinder during transportation. The cylinder is to be locked in a 5.1cmx5.1cmx5.1cm metal box with "SCP-3476" labeled on it's lid.

Description: SCP-3476 is a brown plastic button that is 1cm in diameter with a 5cm long wool string entwined in the holes of SCP-3476. All attempts to remove or sever the string have failed. Knowledge of SCP-3476's anomalous effect was discovered when C████ R███'s security cameras captured R███ replacing a button on his shirt, slowly transforming into neighbor D████ A██, then leaving the house. D████ A██ was later arrested for vandalism of his neighbor's house in F█████, Nevada. A██'s wife claimed that A██ and R███ had a violent argument the day prior. When police discovered the recording, this alerted Foundation researchers. They confiscated the shirt that was attached to SCP-3476, then delivered Class-A amnestics to the neighborhood and local police.

If any sapient being wears a shirt in which the string connected to SCP-3476 is sewn into the shirt, the subject will begin to have rapid memory loss. 15 minutes after putting on the shirt, the subject will no longer be able to read or write(if the subject was literate beforehand). After 30 minutes, the subject will gain memories and knowledge of another person(at this point, the subject will henceforth be called SCP-3476-1). These new memories will be the memories of someone SCP-3476-1 was last angered by(which will be named SCP-3476-2). After 45 minutes, SCP-3476-1's facial features, race, and gender will then change to become equal to SCP-3476-2. After 1 hour, SCP-3476-1 will be nearly indistinguishable from SCP-3476-2. The only difference is that SCP-3476-1 will have an extensive knowledge of the production and manufacturing of weaponry, and self-defense maneuvers. SCP-3476-1 will then attempt to destroy SCP-3476-2's well-being and social status through various methods such as adultery, murder, and terrorist attacks. SCP-3476-2 will be blamed for every act performed by SCP-3476-1. If SCP-3476-1 takes off the shirt, SCP-3476-1 will instantly regain all their original memories and will have no knowledge of what had happened during their time of wearing the shirt, regardless of what stage they're in.