Subject Gamma


Object Class:Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-XXXX is to be kept into 4mX4m quarantine cell of reinforced steel and
under video surveillance.Three (3) D-class personnel must enter in the cell to do the following:

1.First D-class must replace or refill the oxygen canisters.

2.Second D-class must refill his tank with liquid psychopharmaceutical (strongest possible).

3.The third D-class must monitor SCP-XXXX to reduce the possibility of a containment breach.

This procedure must be made once in a month.

In case of a containment breach then Mobile Task Force Iota-5 can begin the protocol XXXX-45
(use of Tesla cannon A14 to stop SCP-XXXX).

Description:SCP-XXXX was a volounteer to the project [DATA EXPUNGED] in code name
“Gamma”.Due to [REDACTED] incident,it was never fully completed.SCP-XXXX was supposed
to be (Quote of dr. ████) “a superhuman created to be used in dangerous missions that would be lethal for normal humans”.

SCP-XXXX,when [REDACTED] incident happened,needed to be mentally conditioned
so he could complete the orders given by personnel,but ended up with serious mental damage of the volounteer.Because of the mental damage,SCP-XXXX will often have homicidal fury (see Incident XXXX-01 for more info) so a team of four (4) scientists added a psychopharmaceutical storage tank (capable of holding 0.5 l of any liquid) at the back of the SCP-XXXX to prevent more incidents.SCP-XXXX is not capable of speech but can comunicate with inhuman grunts and roars.

SCP-XXXX has a 20th century diving suit on.This suit is impossible to disrobe due to the fact that the skin and organs of SCP-XXXX are grafted into the suit.Analysis show that the suit is made of 50% iron,25% steel and 25% ferrosilicon.
The visor of the suit is made by a darkened glass so it is impossible to se the face of the SCP-XXXX.This suit has here listed properties:

1.Bullet piercing reduced by 50%

2.Immunity to any kind of radiation

3.Resistance to ocean pressure increased by 30%

4.Great resistance against extreme high and low temperatures

However SCP-XXXX is extremely vulnerable to high voltage electricity (3 MHz or higher).
When hitted by high voltage electricity,SCP-XXXX will be stunned or will fall in coma for 5 hours.

SCP-XXXX is [DATA EXPUNGED] and mutated in order to have:

1.Ability to lift objects that weighs over 100 kg

2.Reinforced bone structure

3.Ability to survive wounds that for an average human would be lethal.


5.Ability to live over 120 years

Addendum:SCP-1365 was described by the staff of [DATA EXPUNGED] as a 30 years old caucasian,male,1.8 meters high with weight of 50 kg.The volounteer was a agent of the foundation that got terminated
due to the fact that he gave classified info to the foundation enemies.

Incident XXXX-01:During a standard protocol for SCP-XXXX,D-████ was attempting to refill the tank with psychopharmaceutical drug when got angered and slamed SCP-XXXX with the leg.SCP-XXXX got an homicidal fury attack and violently killed D-████ and D-████.D-████ escaped,leaving the doors of the containment cell opened.
SCP-XXXX breached containment and escaped from site-█.Ten (10) hours after the containment breach SCP-XXXX was
recaptured and contained at new site (site-██).