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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Site 42b is to be located 250 m below sea level. 42b is to be surrounded by solid bedrock in a seismologically stable environment. Twin elevators should be ascending to Site 42a, located directly above 42b, located on an uninhabited island in the █████ Ocean.

Site 42b is to constructed following these designs and components:

  • Containment Area for SCP-XXXX is to be located in the center of Site 42b. Containment Area should measure 5 x 5 x 5 m, with a single entrance point located on the direct center of the ceiling.
  • No less than five security personnel are to be stationed within the ma

Description: SCP-XXXX is a vaguely humanoid being, 3.5 m tall. SCP-XXXX refers to itself as the Overseer.

The major difference is SCP-XXXX is made of a dark, shadowy material that allows it to levitate, and become immune to any form of material, except lead. Lead is SCP-XXXX's only know weakness, and allows it to be contained.

SCP-XXXX has the ability to phase through any object at will, except, stated before, lead. SCP-XXXX also has the ability to manipulate its appendages in any form it wishes. The material is made of the same genetic composure as SCP-XXXX, and researchers suggest that it can also shape its entire body in the same way, though that is not confirmed.

SCP-XXXX holds the ability to communicate with anyone it wishes, though the extent of this power is unknown. SCP-XXXX often speaks highly of itself, claiming it is a deity, and that the human race will be destroyed for locking it up.

SCP-XXXX also appears to have some level of control over shadows, and has used them before to hide its presence, though it has yet to be seen what it is fully able to do with this power.

Addendum : From reports before SCP-XXXX was contained, many people had died from deaths that contained evidence similar to what SCP-XXXX is capable of. For more information, see attached autopsy report (STILL WORKING ON THAT).

Addendum 2: Although the full extent of this ability is unknown, SCP-XXXX has been known to influence personnel from the interior of its containment. These instances have been little more than a voice telling them that, "They were on a holy quest to free their ruler from imprisonment.", but all subjects who have experienced this have claimed that there was no force behind the voice, and it was easily ignored.
Dr. ███████ has claimed that as well as being the only material it cannot phase through, but lead as well weakens SCP-XXXX powers and influence.
Dr. ███████ has also claimed that SCP-XXXX may still posses powers that the Foundation is not aware of, and SCP-XXXX is unable to use them, because of the current circumstances.

Addendum 3: Other incidents have occurred when personnel have claimed a presence was watching them, but they could not find the source of this feeling.
Dr. ███████ has suggested that this is another of SCP-XXXX's unknowns, and that this power in particular is where it claims its name.

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Dr. ███████

Foreword: Dr. ███████ has requested an interview with SCP-XXXX.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ███████: (over loudspeaker) Greetings, SCP-XXXX. How has your day been so far?

SCP-XXX Please, Doctor, call me the Overseer.

Dr. ███████: Alright then. How was your day, Overseer?

SCP-XXX My day has been great, Doctor. I just love staring at solid lead all day, don't you?
Dr. ███████: I'm not looking for sarcasm here, I just want to talk.
SCP-XXX You would like to talk? How about we discuss you letting me out of the place, hmm? That would be nice.
Dr. ███████: Now, you know we can't do that. Would you mind telling me about yourself? How about what you are able to do, like with your…powers.
SCP-XXX Ah. Well, when I do finally escape, I will personally show you how i can turn you inside-out with my fingers.
Dr. ███████: If you didn't want to talk today, all you had to do was ask.
SCP-XXX (gives the intercom a sarcastic smile) Alright then…I don't want to talk today, Doctor. Can I stare at my wall in peace, please?
Dr. ███████: (deep sigh) Alright then. We can talk later XXXX.
SCP-XXX I can't wait for our next wonderful conversation.
<End Log>

Closing Statement: Though SCP-XXXX would not seem it, it had tried to mess with the Doctor's mind. Dr. ███████ is well aware of this, which is why it does not bother him. Hopefully next time we can get some actual data.

Addendum 4: SCP-XXXX is very sarcastic when conversing. It will try to mess with anyone's head, so it can enter it easier. If communicating with SCP-XXXX, be careful to interact with it as if you had to be suspicious of everything it says or does.