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A member of MTF-Alpha 4 identifying a dead spot on television

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: MTF-Alpha-4 (Pony Express) is to be present and employed at all professional tennis stadiums and associations. Before each game they are to identify the "Dead Spot" and make sure no one stands over it. All members will be disguised as security, tennis ball collectors, or any position that places them within close proximity of the Tennis Court.

Should and SCP-XXXX-A event occur, the stadium is to be locked down and aerosol amnestic canisters be dispersed throughout the crowd. Foundation A.I. Codename: Crows Perch is to assume control of all channels broadcasting and show a class A visual amnestic for One(1) minute.

Should an SCP-XXXX-A event be known to the public, all citizens are to be evacuated from the stadium and be demolished. Foundation operatives in worldwide news organizations are to give a report of unscheduled demolition of the stadium, a terrorist attack, or [REDACTED].

Description: SCP-XXXX is the designation for a phenomenon that occurs on a national or internationally broadcasted tennis event with a viewer count of 1█,███ or more. It is most commonly referred to as a "Dead Spot" in tennis terminology, and can most commonly be identified by throwing a tennis ball at the dead spot. (For instructions, please refer to the attached gif)

SCP-XXXX-A is the designation for an event that occurs when someone or something is placed over the dead spot for more than 10(ten) seconds. All objects within the dead spot will be transferred

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