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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained at a provisional site at the location of its most recent discplacement1. Sweeps of the site for corrosive damage are conducted daily and Foundation Agents stationed at local towns are to report any instances of corrosion or electrocutions with no discernible source, due to the possibility of localised displacement.

SCP-XXXX's containment cell is made from non-conductive metal and a corrosion resistant coating is to be reapplied to this metal once every three days by an automated system within the cell. All personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX are required to wear Type C Hazardous Environment suits while within 25 m of SCP-XXXX's presumed location.

Should SCP-XXXX be displaced from containment a provisional site is to be constructed around it. Locating SCP-XXXX for re-containment is considered a Level 4 priority.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an object or entity that cannot be perceived by any means available to the Foundation. This includes the sense of touch as those walking towards the presumed centre of the anomalous area of effect will find themselves unable to progress further but be unable to feel the obstruction. These combined factors make knowledge of the object's shape impossible to ascertain.

Its effects on the area in which it exists, however, can be perceived. A list of known anomalies surrounding the central nexus point of SCP-XXXX are as follows:

  • A corrosive effect on both organic and inorganic matter within a 25 m radius
  • Power surges in electrical systems within a 50 m radius
  • Living creatures being electrocuted within a 10 m radius
  • One instance of a large hostile humanoid entity emerging from the centre of the area (see Incident Log)

In addition to these effects SCP-XXXX will also rapidly move location at irregular intervals2. Material between the original point and final point are often damaged in some way, lending further credence to the idea that there is likely a physical object or entity at the centre of the anomalous effects, rather than simply being an area of anomalous phenomena.

Initial classification of the object and its surrounding phenomena was thought to be as an Unknowable-class object, however detailed research of the date and area SCP-XXXX was first encountered has possibly provided information on the origin of the object. An excerpt of the cataloguing of Unidentified Object 369 has been provided, and as of 22/03/██ SCP-XXXX has been ruled to be identical to UO-369 and is considered of extraterrestrial origin.

On 05/11/19██ an object surrounded by a cloud of gas, designated UO-369, was detected by Foundation satellites entering the solar system travelling approximately 120,000 km/h. At first it was projected to be moving towards Mars but 30 weeks after entering the solar system its course changed towards Earth. At approximately 300,000 km from Earth the unidentified object slowed significantly and the physical object within the cloud of gas could no longer be detected by satellites. The location of UO-369 was then lost with its last known trajectory being towards Earth.

Three weeks after this contact was lost with UO-369 the anomalous effects surrounding SCP-XXXX were discovered 3 km from a crater in ████████████, New Zealand and a provisional site was constructed.

Addendum: Following the emergence of the entity only one more displacement event of SCP-XXXX was recorded and since this time it has remained stationary. Containment procedures are not to be relaxed as the nature of the anomaly is still unclear. The radius of the corrosive effects and the power surges from SCP-XXXX appear to be decreasing steadily. Modeling indicates that if the artifact continues on its current trend the area of effects will have been reduced to zero in three months. If the object reaches this point and experiences no further displacement events then the object may be reclassified as inert.