Audio log,2058
"Its here"
"If you can here me help"
"some how-some how it got out"
wha- no no NO! if you can here me send help it-"
Audio log ends

Those were the last spoken words of whom we cannot name and from now on will be named patient-0.What you saw was an audio log.We don't know what _IT_ is,this audio log was taken the day patient-0 went insane,implying that he was hallucinating.However _IT_ could be responsible for the containment breach.Umm- hold on my friend and I just saw something…

Nov,8,{Data expunged}

Alright I'm back due to some…problems we are currently umm… under surveillance,by testers my friend had a…problem he saw,something ohh look,alright I'm pulling up some pictures of _IT_
there's a large amount of static in them all.What…we, we blacked out i'll check back

Nov,9,{Data expunged}

Ok, we just saw _It_ the whole building is under lock-down
forget the audio log forget anything I said that disproves _IT_
Oh,MY GOD my former inspector just passed out,I'll check back umm tomarrow

Nov,10,{data expunged}

I,I don't feal good I saw him again "you know too much" no no it's you the the sp-