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A singular instance of the item.

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DeCIRO Catalogue Number: SC-40/354-861/2764

Document Type: Step Compilation

Dates Received: 02-09-1932 through 20-01-2001

Operation Status: Open

Foreword: The amulet is by nature both divine and satanic. Despite its appearance, If one were hold it in their palm it would be like that of an octopus, writhing and squirming with an odd alien intellect. Thus the baying of the great thing within en-tales doom upon those who would wrong us. And the foundation shall turn to dust before our newfound allies that await within the depths of the amulet.
The amulet seems to be a kindred spirit to the cause of the insurgency with its great wisdom. It shall lead us to victory, deliver us into eden. The amulet speaks of thaumaterges bending flesh and long dead worlds, of beings borne from literature, of pools of blood and of things within frozen winters.

Hereafter we of Delta Command document the Steps of the Plan as transcribed by the Engineer of the Chaos Insurgency.

1. STEP 40/354

The amulet preaches that we shall reign once the savior has been borne and the great ones reign once more. The first item, a small, ornate locket, shall be procured along with the tomes containing knowledge of ████████, the formless. The foundation sites containing these items are to be stormed through use of SC-40/354-582/2764. Once the amulets great power has overtaken the foundation sites, The next step is to commence.

2. STEP 40/582
The child of evolution is to be taken from foundation custody, whether through convincing or through force. The child is to be given the amulet. Several captured foundation personnel are to be exposed to the locket, and the resulting beasts tamed through the amulet. The passage detailing the coming of ████████ is to be inscribed onto the child's back.

3. STEP 50/861
The fourth, the fallen archangel who first helped the savior to ascend, shall be brought to merge with the child so it may redeem itself and allow the savior to be born again. The resulting creature shall then be provided with the ones affected by the locket which it shall assimilate into itself. Meanwhile, the area built around the lake shall be destroyed so that its glory may no longer be caged.

4. Step 51/1432
The great beast in the frozen winter shall be brought to the blood pool through whatever means possible. The beast shall then be brought to the pool so that it may reclaim its throne as the one true god. Several flesh-beasts shall be offered as tribute to the being

5. Step 51/2764
The Half formed savior shall be submerged into the blood pool, with the locket and amulet. Insurgency agents shall then gather around the pool and begin reciting passages from the tomes of ████████. The savior shall then emerge from the pool, fully-formed, with an army of demons at the helm. Insurgency agents are suggested to submerge themselves into the pool after the ritual, so that they too may ascend.