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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe (Euclid upgrade pending; see Incident Report Alpha-9)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is stored in a high security containment locker at Site 76. SCP-XXXX's containment locker must be placed a minimum of 10 meters in every direction away from any area frequently traveled by personnel, such as hallways or offices. Due to security concerns, at least two (2) armed guards must be stationed near SCP-XXXX's containment locker at all times. SCP-XXXX is available for testing with a security clearance of level 2 or above. Testing of SCP-XXXX has been suspended, pending O5 review.

Description: SCP-XXXX are a pair of sandals, resembling those commonly worn in 2nd century BC Greece. SCP-XXXX appear to be made from leather and rope, and are undamaged. Laboratory tests have been unable to determine the actual age and materials used in the construction of SCP-XXXX, as all attempts have led to the destruction of the tools used via extreme heat damage, despite no rise in temperature detected in SCP-XXXX themselves.

When worn by a male-identifying subject between the ages of 18 and 30, SCP-XXXX will seal to their feet, preventing removal. Additionally, the subject, henceforth classified as SCP-XXXX-1, will experience auditory hallucinations, in the form of a speech from an entity identifying itself as the original owner of SCP-XXXX. The nature of the speech is unknown, as all SCP-XXXX-1 examples have been unwilling or unable to convey it, responding to all questioning on the subject with the words "His bond is law."

After the hallucination ends, SCP-XXXX-1 will, in all cases, state the phrase "I take on this responsibility now and forevermore, until the light of Helios fades." SCP-XXXX-1 will then claim to have been given control of "the rhythm of the day", which interviewers and researchers believe refers to the orbital period of the Earth, its distance from the Sun, and the intensity of the solar radiation impacting Earth. In all cases, SCP-XXXX-1 will no longer sleep, consume food or water, or engage in leisure activities, claiming that any action beyond focused meditation will result in events ranging from the lengthening/shortening of the day to an XK-Class "Scorched Earth" scenario. Unless the subject is given nutrients and sedatives intravenously, this will inevitably result in death via starvation, dehydration, and/or lack of sleep.

In the event of SCP-XXXX-1's demise, SCP-XXXX will become removable, and will begin to emit a compulsive effect in an area around ten (10) meters in diameter. Any subject within this area will feel an urge to wear SCP-XXXX, which will last up to twenty-four (24) hours after having left the vicinity. Subjects under the influence of SCP-XXXX will state when asked that it is their "sacred duty" to become SCP-XXXX-1, and that some form of catastrophic event will occur if the wearer is not replaced quickly enough. This compulsive effect will increase in strength the longer a subject is within its range, but hasn't been shown to become irresistible until around XXX hours of exposure.

Despite the claims of SCP-XXXX-1, there has been no evidence of any actual ability to affect the relationship between the Sun and Earth. See Incident Report Alpha-9.

Addendum 1: Discovery: SCP-XXXX were discovered in a previously undiscovered center of worship on the island of Delos, in 19██. The former temple, estimated to date to the 4th century AD, contained the remains of five (5) individuals, several Hellenistic Greek religious texts, and what is assumed to be an altar. SCP-XXXX was found upon the altar, along with one of the sets of remains. Archaeological evidence suggests that the complex was originally located above ground, before a complete structural collapse during a ritual led to the deaths of the participants. However, the scorch marks found in the interior would not have caused enough damage to collapse the temple, or have led to its current position ██ meters below the surface. After a member of the discovering archaeological team came under the influence of SCP-XXXX, an embedded Foundation agent initiated containment procedures. Class-A amnestics were applied to all witnesses, and SCP-XXXX was transported to Site-76, along with the attached example of SCP-XXXX-1.

Incident Report Beta-3: On █/██/19██, Site 72 was infiltrated by several unknown agents, who attempted to create a containment breach of SCP-XXXX. As the breach was attempted during a test of SCP-XXXX, the infiltrators were unable to locate SCP-XXXX, and were discovered roughly ██ hours after their initial entry. Security was unable to prevent the agents from self-terminating via self-immolation before interrogation was possible. The severe tissue damage has impeded identification of the bodies; however, examination has revealed lute shaped burn scars in multiple locations on all recovered corpses. Re-examination of the remains from the original site of discovery has uncovered similar scars. These individuals have been tentatively classified as members of a previously unknown GoI, pending further investigation.

Incident Report Alpha-9: On █/█/20██, testing on SCP-XXXX was carried out using D-6853, who had previously been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. Upon the completion of the hallucinations, instead of following the usual SCP-XXXX-1 pattern, D-6853 began to mutter and laugh. While D-6853's speech was at too low a volume for security footage to record, lip-readings of the footage reveal the partial phrases "…old man", and "…the contract." D-6853 then proceeded to stare at the ceiling of Test Chamber 65 in what was later determined to be the exact direction of the Sun, despite there being no windows or other methods of ascertaining its position in the test chamber. The ambient temperature of Site 72 began to climb rapidly, while all personnel in outdoor areas began suffering from acute heatstroke and severe sunburns. Before security could intervene, D-6853 screamed and collapsed, with temperatures returning to normal within twenty (20) minutes. An autopsy of D-6853 revealed intense charring on all vital organs, along with a burn in the shape of a lute across his prefrontal lobe. All testing of SCP-XXXX has been suspended.

Addendum 2: Since the date of containment, Site 72 has been subject to ██ infiltration attempts by the aforementioned GoI, none of which have been successful. No enemy agents have been captured alive, as nearly all have self immolated upon discovery, with only one casualty from Foundation security. Documents discovered on said casualty have suggested that the entirety of the GoI is under the compulsive effects of SCP-XXXX, as references to "great calamities" and "the duties of the faithful" appear frequently within. How the compulsive effects of SCP-XXXX have lasted longer than 24 hours is unknown.