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Item #: SCP-FUCK

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All samples of SCP-FUCK-1 are to be stored in standard hazardous liquid containers. All personnel handling SCP-FUCK-1 are to wear a Level A hazmat suit. In the event of accidental exposure, the contaminated individual is to be moved off-site immediately. If relocation is not feasible, termination is advised. All personnel assigned to SCP-FUCK are to read Document-FUCK-A for detailed instruction regarding exposure.

Description: SCP-FUCK-1 . SCP-FUCK-1 is a clear, odorless, tasteless liquid, with a viscosity similar to distilled water. Notably, it maintains a uniform temperature of 3.51*C regardless of external environmental factors. Chemical analysis of SCP-FUCK-1 has revealed no apparent discrepancies between it and distilled water. When introduced internally by a human , SCP-FUCK-1's primary effects will manifest in the subject.

Approximately ten minutes after SCP-FUCK-1 is introduced, reality shifts will begin occuring around the subject. The area these shifts will occur begins roughly 15m. from the subject, and will eventually grow in size, with a maximum radius of 200m. from the subject. The frequency of the shifts is completely random. The nature of the reality shifts is inherently random, but rarely deviate from certain patterns. Such patterns include:

  • Human subjects within the area of effect are never directly affected by the reality shifts.
  • The formation of non-euclidian structures or warping of preexisting structures.
  • Objects or organisms falling from the sky.
  • Various objects or non-human organisms gaining anomalous properties.

Approximately two hours after contamination, the nature of the reality shifts will change. The shifts will become either directly or indirectly malevolent to the subject.

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Item #: SCP-BUTT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-BUTT is to be contained in a Type 11 biome (6 m by 5 m by 8 m). For feeding, an assortment of serveral male spiders of any species are to be introduced into SCP-BUTT's biome on a daily basis. Due to SCP-BUTT's constant production of SCP-BUTT-1, its containment area is to cleaned on a biweekly basis. When handling SCP-BUTT, personnel are to avoid coming into contact with its chelicerae, due to its reaction to mammals of an average mass of 50 kg or greater. In the event of SCP-BUTT biting an individual, said individual is to be restrained and moved to the nearest medical wing for treatment.

Description: SCP-BUTT is an arachnid, closely resembling a female specimen Latrodectus mactans (Southern Black Widow), with a length of 1.5 m and a mass of approximately 100 kg. SCP-BUTT is docile, but will involutarily bite any mammal with a mass of 50 kg or greater that comes within 10 cm of its chelicerae. SCP-BUTT's diet consists soley of male spiders. Any male spiders within 10 m of SCP-BUTT will become aware of it's presence, and will immediatly attempt to enter its mouth. SCP-BUTT is constantly masticating, and will show no interest in any remains left behind after being fed.

SCP-BUTT constantly produces an opaque, grey colored liquid which it excretes from its fangs, hereby reffered to as SCP-BUTT-1. Production of SCP-BUTT-1 has no discernible relationship with SCP-BUTT's health or diet, as it continues to produce the mixture in states of severe malnutrion. SCP-BUTT-1 is composed of three primary compounds: Ethanol, and two molecular compounds that defy the current principles of chemistry, now reffered to as SCP-BUTT-1a and SCP-BUTT-1b.

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Item #: SCP-PISS

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The island containing SCP-PISS is to be removed from geographical documentation, and all records of it are to be censored, altered, or destroyed. Any vessels that come within 2.50 km of SCP-PISS are to intercepted and the crew detained, pending issue of class-B amnesiacs.


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Tale Drafts:

The Warrior woke once more, and inhaled a breath of cold, dry air. Any other time, he'd have risen in mere seconds, ready to deal death to those before him. That familiar, dreadful feeling washed over him the moment he drew breath. A mixture of monotony, boredom, despair, hate, and rage surged through his mind. Under other circumstances, he'd already be on his way out, ready to bring himself joy the only way he could. His hand was already on the lid of his coffin when he realized that she might be out there, waiting.

A miniscule flicker of fear flashed into his mind, only to be swallowed up by that bleak and terrible fog.

The Warrior waited within his coffin, unwilling to risk that happening once more. One set of chains was more than enough. His mind had only gone in one direction for millennia, it was in no condition to be turned towards another, let alone against his will.

His body tensed, the fog within his mind grew deeper, the next few seconds within the coffin felt like hours. He had to risk it, he had to leave.

The lid of the coffin flew open, creating a loud crack as its edge hit the floor. The Warrior lept from his prison, every part of him crying out for something to kill. He noticed a figure standing in the entrance of his chamber, completely obscured by its robe.


The Warrior drew his blade, a massive weapon the size of small child, sawblades and razorwire whirred to create the sharp sound of metal upon metal. He held this mass of pure dark with one hand, and a massive battleaxe of similar make appeared in his other. As he lept into the air, the cloaked figure pulled down her hood, the moment The Warrior saw the slightest glimpse of her face, an incredible lust coursed through him. He fell before her, his blades fading away from existance.

Shit I might turn into a scip one day:

Delicious Babies/Chocolate Labs - Cute, alive, non-perishable. Yummy. Anatomically accurate. Mild compulsory effect? To feel pain or not to feel pain? Who would produce it?

Reality Bending Drug - Some kind of poison or drug that, when ingested, causes reality shifts around the victim. The shifts in question aren't incredibly catastrophic, but can include shit like rooms disappearing, rooms forming around you, rooms that weren't there before, shit falling from the sky (like a lamp or a whale or a big ass teddy bear), your gun turns into various flying insects when you pull the trigger, shit like that. It's also a hostile environment, random shit like Civil War soldiers, various animals (some of which just don't make sense), that shrub that just grew arms. All of it wants to kill you.

Big Spider - Big ass black widow. Docile. Constantly chewing, so it only bites if you stick your arm in its mouth. Diet of male spiders of any kind. Constantly produces its venom. Its venom is a mix of two compounds. One increases muscle and bone growth, as well as improves reflexes and coordination. The other one acts similar to PCP, hallucinogenic, increased aggression. The compounds can separated with ease.

Your Guardian Angel - Bodyguard that just goes too damn far? AC-130 droppin bombs(but he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down) on that guy that bumps into you?

Something that directly fucks with scips, to piss off the Foundation.

keter humanoid what fights good and looks like me

Shit I haven't started exploring:

Hab' keine lust.

Chimera Something - Virus?

USB drive(I'll think up a weird thang later)

Flame of life - REVISE IT

Tale Ideas:

Kain Pathos Crow fucks up big time.

GoI steals a skip, we follow the events of an MTF or group of agents getting it back. Who and what skip?

  • Horizon Initiative:
  • Chaos Insurgency:
  • MCnD:

682 and Iris get married (This is why Ritalin was invented)

What if all the Foundation members were kids. (Researcher James)

F.E.A.R. thingy for Project Crossover

Site Director Henry Jekyll and Researcher Edward Hyde