SCP-SC (SwineCrow)

SCP-SwineCrow By Tyler Dekkers

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The SCP known as Swine-Crow is to be contained in a 5 by 5 meter concrete container with 2 meter thick concrete walls. The container should have a 2 meter reinforced steel door. SCP-SC should be monitored by surveillance cameras at all times. The container should be guarded by a minimum of 2 guards wearing full hazmat suits. Only approved level D Class personnel can interact with SCP-SC. Any personnel attempting to free SCP-SC. Is to be killed on site. Any samples taken from SCP-SC are to be contained in vault ███, and testing on the samples must be approved by Dr. ██████. This rule does not include any personnel used in testing.

Description: SCP-SC or the SCP known as Swine Crow has a long body of a snake. It has the head of a pig, a beak of a bird, and wings of a bat.It is approximately 3 meters long and 2.5 meters. wide. It is as a flying swine like creature mixed with several different animals. Though with its long body is snake like we are not completely sure all the different kinds of animals it is a combination of. Its long body allows it to retain control while in flight. It seems to have abilities such as causing hallucinations, hosting any or all known diseases.

Origin: Found off the coast of ████████ in Australia it was quickly removed after disturbing reports of terror crowded among the town. Speculations have risen that it did not originate from Australia. It more rather originated from Cuba, and it is speculated it caused the H1N1 virus.

Event #1: After securing the creature. It was put in the cargo-hold of a vessel. When it reached land all staff that was present on the ship was tested for insurance. Test results came back positive for an unknown pathogen. All 250 staff members were killed in fear that they could cause an outbreak of the unknown pathogen. While the creature was moved into the facility, the creature appeared to changed its form to a large crow with a height of 7 meters and a wing span of 5 meters. The creature did not change form ;however, later testing proves that it can cause hallucinations in an unknown way. 3 hours later a phone call was received from ████████. Agents were sent to recapture the creature proper protocols were put into action. Agent squad ████████ was able to capture it and move it into its container.

Addendum #1: SCP-SC-1 was put in the container without a hazmat suit. SCP-SC-1 was tested afterwards to have the H1N1 virus, along with the common cold. SCP SC-1 Died 2 weeks later.

Addendum #2: After the test with SCP-SC-1 further testing was restricted to only D level personnel. SCP-SC-2 was injected with a lethal strain of █████████. When SCP-SC-2 was tested. There was no strain of █████████, but there was the same strain of the H1N1 virus.
Subject was killed disposed of as to not cause an out break of █████████.

Addendum #2.1: A sample was taken from SCP-SC the sample shows that it has become infected with █████████. Samples were taken 1 a week to see how █████████ effected SCP SC and the N1H1 virus.

Addendum #3: The sample taken on 8/15/20██ shows that all signs of █████████ have disappeared. Requests from Dr. ██████ to use to find cures to diseases has been approved.

Addendum #3 A vaccination has been created for the H1N1 strain from SCP-SC. SCP-SC shall not be injected with the vaccination. Specialized vaccinations mix █████████ and a sample from SCP-SC to create a cure. All subjects exposed to █████████ and or SCP-SC and have been vaccinated will be immune to there effects.

Addendum #4 Final: Testing of SCP-SC has been banned. Years latter all vaccinated subjects still are immune to all illnesses that were mixed in the vaccine leading us to believe that there is something that is boosting the subjects immune system permanently. Subjects are just as effective at fighting off new strains of the same illnesses. Samples from SCP-SC can be retrieved and tested on with authorization from Dr. ██████. All guards posted to contain SCP-SC are to have had there vaccination. The same is said for all doctors retrieving samples from SCP-SC.