SCP-3905, 'Glitch'
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Item #: SCP-3905

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: To contain SCP-3905, it must be sealed in a room with no technology - this includes phones, androids, ipads, computers, tablets, ect - and if technology is brought in, it must be unable to connect to any wifi, it must not have ANY social media or online games, and it must have some way to remove it. If SCP-3905 is brought into contact with a device with internet, it is capable of entering said device and escaping it’s containment via travelling across the internet, and if it is brought into contact with a device that has online games or social media, it is capable of escaping by entering somebody else’s profile and coming out in a device with that application signed in as them. As it has the capability of entering and exiting devices, any devices it enters must have a full malware/spyware/virus scan done on them, any discs must be ejected and scanned, and SCP-3905 must be removed from the device in some way. Trapping it in a USB also works fine, as it has no screen to exit from, but that USB must never be used on any devices that can be used for SCP-3905 to escape. Any personnel visiting SCP-3905 must wear military-grade armour to protect from various unknown diseases that seem to be caused by extended exposure to SCP-3905, most resulting in serious pains, madness, depression or, in severe cases, [REDACTED].

Description: SCP-3905 appears to be a humanoid made of a strange rainbow goop, but it is capable of morphing into other shapes and sizes. It has been known to split into half to move faster, or to shrink to escape through small spaces. Is able to consume solid objects that are not attached to the ground, walls or roof via growing and covering them, usually leaving no trace. It has been viewed being harmed by complicated technology. It has also been heard talking, though it’s voice is constantly changing, and has somehow known personal and/or confidential information about those it comes into physical contact with, even if that information has not been told to them. None of it’s shapes have been seen to have eyes, though SCP-3905 always has a strange black crack - presumably a mouth - that never moves, but emits the supposed ‘voice’ of SCP-3905.


Interviewed: SCP-3905

Interviewer: █████

Foreword: This is an interview recorded of a subject named █████ ‘talking’ with SCP-3904, acting as if they know it and even giving it a name.

<Begin Log>

█████: Hello there, Glitch, how have you been doing?

SCP-3095: Better, since I have someone to talk to, though I really do dislike this place.

█████: Not surprising, I would hate being locked up too, especially considering the rumors I’ve heard about how the beings here are treated

SCP-3095: I wouldn’t go ahead and say that all rumors can be accepted, but I haven’t heard them.

█████: Yeah, well, anyways, This place is pretty boring, isn’t it, Glitch? How about a little trip around in my phone?

SCP-3095: That would be great, but I would prefer something a little better…

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Video and Audio log went static after SCP-3905 said that last statement, but █████’s phone was found lying on the floor, untouched, out of charge, and SCP-3905 was found in the back right corner of the room, making a low droning noise. █████ was never found.