After two years AWOL, I'm back. Not that it matters…

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently contained within the basement of a mansion belonging to its current owners. There is only one known door connecting the mansion and the basement, and it is guarded by motion detectors and some form of physical identification scanners. The basement itself, despite its decadent furnishings, appears to be fortified like a vault or bunker.

It would obviously be preferable to remove SCP-XXXX to a secure Foundation-run facility. Unfortunately, offers to purchase it have been turned down (even at prices exceeding any possible value), and the attempt at forcible confiscation was a failure (see Incident Report XXXX-B).

Therefore, the mansion has been temporarily classified as a G3 facility, a perimeter established around it, and all traffic to and from the site is being monitored.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a female child, the offspring of a certain wealthy and prominent family. It has numerous physical abnormalities to the face and limbs, possessing multiple of each limb (though warped and/or partially fused in some cases), malformed teeth and jaws, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

The source of these mutations is unknown. All birth records have been destroyed, and no medical records exist outside of the estate where it is housed.

Most of the information regarding SCP-XXXX was obtained from an interview with ███████ █████, a family attendant. Mr. █████ turned out to actually be Dr. ███████ ████, a surgeon, disability specialist and academic scholar who disappeared some time ago. He explained that he was secretly contacted, recruited to give exclusive care to the subject, and given a new identity to conceal his position.

(as he did not give this information willingly, he was administered an amnesiac before being returned to his residence)

However, despite being SCP-XXXX's primary caregiver, Mr. █████'s knowledge seems remarkably incomplete. According to him, SCP-XXXX is nearly immobile and helpless, and mentally impaired. But this was proven to be incorrect during the confiscation attempt. During this incident, it displayed extraordinary agility and cunning; able to climb walls, cling to rafters and leap great distances, using all eight of its limbs (though due to some disagreement about the definition of "limbs," SCP-XXXX may be considered to only have seven, or six) like an arachnid; as well as hiding and evading detection even in an unfamiliar environment. And it easily [REDACTED] three of the Foundation agents involved (two of the other agents were killed by snipers, presumably those hired by SCP-XXXX's custodians to steal it back from the agents).

When its guardians were approached with this information in an attempt to persuade them to release it to Foundation care willingly, they claimed that SCP-XXXX is not normally violent, and that it only "lashed out" at the agents because it was frightened. While a review of Incident Report XXXX-B admits this possibility, (it is not our policy to armchair-analyze past operations. – O5-█) this should be considered merely further lack of knowledge on their part.

SCP-XXXX's family has been the primary obstacle to extraction. Mr. █████ explained that the "difficult" birth has rendered the mother unable to produce further children, which has caused emotional attachment issues (this may explain why offers to purchase SCP-XXXX have been rejected). The mother has commissioned custom clothing, primarily consisting of frilly pink dresses, long white gloves, stockings, shoes (all custom-designed to accomodate the varying shapes of SCP-XXXX's legs and arms), and even pink bows for the hair.

SCP-XXXX is currently housed in the large basement of its family’s mansion estate. The failed extraction attempt allowed a glimpse of its quarters, and revealed several interesting facts. Though the many rooms of the basement are all lavishly furnished and equipped with comforts (including a private spa), the layout resembles that of a fortified bunker, and the security system is focused on preventing unauthorized exit as well as entry.

Obviously, even the wealth and status of SCP-XXXX's family would not be sufficient to maintain such an incredible net of secrecy. There is suspected involvement from Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd., or from associates thereof.

Incident Report XXXX-B: