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Unofficial declassified/unexpunged Exploration-IV of SCP-087 "The Stairwell"

DISCLAIMER: THIS EXPLORATION IS ENTIRELY MY OWN WORK. Only taking a few references from Explorations 1-3 to link the 4th in correctly. I really liked the first 3 explorations, (Props to the creator Zaeyde) but I was really bummed that there was no fourth exploration (technically) and just left in suspense as to what the hell is down there and what made the foundation never reopen/explore SCP-087 ever again, so I decided to write my own take of Exploration 4 and share it with everyone. Obviously this is not an OFFICIAL Exploration 4.
I am very open to criticism, so by all means, critique away. (This is also my very first thing made on SCP, but don't let that scare you away)
Please note: I've gotten a lot of positive feedback, with the constructive criticism mostly being on the "skipping", I have done some more editing of those sections, but please keep in mind that I made this to resemble the last 3 exploration logs' writing style as best as possible, so that's mostly how it's supposed to be. i.e. It is an Exploration Log, not a chapter book, ya know?

Document #087-IV: Exploration IV

D-7806 is a 29-year old Caucasian male of strong build. Psychological background indicates no abnormalities except a few amounts of habits including: tapping objects rapidly with hands or feet when in distress, tendency to [REDACTED], and excessive use of sarcasm. D-7806 is equipped with a 75 watt flood lamp with battery power capable of lasting 24 hours with the subject's designation written on the side, a helmet-mounted camcorder with a transmission stream, and an audio headset fitted into the helmet for communication with Dr. ██████ at Control.

D-8115 is a 27-year old Caucasian female of average build. Psychological background indicates strong history of panic attacks when put under immense psychological pressure. D-8115 is equipped with a 100 watt flood lamp with battery power capable of lasting 36 hours with the subject's designation written on the side, a handheld camcorder with a transmission stream, and an audio headset for communication with Dr. ██████ at Control.

Both subjects are also equipped with backpacks containing 4 litres of water each, 15 nutrient bars each, 3 red road flares that have the subjects' respective designations printed on the sides each, 1 lighter each, 1 pack of matches each, and 1 thermal blanket each.

D-7806 steps through doorway into SCP-087 with D-8115 following behind. Both subjects stop on the ground floor platform.

Dr. ██████: Please proceed with the instructed light check.

D-7806 switches on their flood lamp and it illuminates the first 9 steps, similar to prior explorations, then shines it into the hallway to prove it is indeed in working order with the light shining much further. Subject turns off flood lamp and D-8115 turns theirs on and proceeds to do the light check with the exact same outcome as D-7806.

D-8115: What the hell…
D-7806: Oh come on, you can’t tell me you’re a girl who's afraid of the dark?
D-8115: Oh shut up, of course I’m not. This just doesn’t seem right.
D-7806: Honey, we live in a left world, nothing’s ever right.
Dr. ██████: D-8115, please light one of your flares and drop it precisely down the middle of the stairwell.

D-8115 takes off their backpack and proceeds to take out 1 road flare. Subject accidentally drops the flare before lighting and it bounces between the railing and falls down the shaft.

D-7806: Smoooooooooth. [lauging]
D-8115: Shut up. It was smoother than you with the security guard back there. I heard what you said to her, and honestly, I've heard second graders use better pick-up lines.
D-7806: I can't decide if I should be offended or proud of you for stepping up your insult game.
Dr. ██████: Please, minimize chatter. D-8115, please follow the instructions.

D-8115 pulls out another flare, lights it, and drops it down the middle of the stairwell. The video feed shows the flare continuously fall for approximately 50 flights until it disappears into the darkness. Unknown if the flare extinguished or if it was caused by the effects of the darkness. Note that the flare got noticeably brighter for 3.4 seconds prior to disappearing.

Dr. ██████: Thank you. Please descend the first flight of stairs in single file with D-7806 in the lead and examine the landing wall.
D-7806: [laughing] Now that’s fucking creepy. After you, buttercup.
D-8115: He said you’re supposed to be in front.
D-7806: Awww, such a gentleman. Well, if you insist.
D-8115: Ugh. Your sarcasm is going to be the death of us.
D-7806: [laughing] That’s the spirit.

Both subjects turn on their lamps and follow as instructed, descending 13 steps and stop at the landing.

D-7806: Hey, Doc. X marks the spot, right? Did I win? Are there untold riches behind this wall?
Dr. ██████: Please explain?
D-8115: Uh, there’s just this big X on the wall, [waves right hand back and forth in front of face] and it smells like burnt rubber.

Both video feeds confirm a large X on the wall, each line approximately 1 meter in length. Cross referencing from Exploration-II video footage confirms the middle of the X is where the L.E.D. light was placed and same location of sticky residue in Exploration-III. Note that subjects haven’t mentioned hearing a child crying, nor does the audio pick up anything but the subjects voices and footsteps.

Dr. ██████: I would like you both to be silent for 10 seconds and tell me if you can hear any kind of sound.

Both subjects stay silent for 10 consecutive seconds. Audio still picks up no trace of crying.

D-7806: Nothing to report. All quiet on this front, sir.
D-8115: Yeah, I don't hear anything but this loud mouth.
Dr. ██████: Interesting. [pause] Noted. Please descend the stairs until you notice anything different.
D-7806: As you wish, my master. [Laughing]

Subjects descend another 16 flights of steps, each having an X in place where the L.E.D.’s were located. Subjects stop on the 17th platform. Audio still does not pick up crying child.

Dr. ██████: Reason for stopping?
D-7806: Besides another X, there's something nasty on the floor that smells like my morning shit.

Both video feeds confirm another X of same size in the same location as the lost L.E.D., along with the same unknown substance on the floor from Exploration-III. Note substance has grown from 50 centimeters to approximately 100 centimeters in diameter since previous entry of SCP-087.

Dr. ██████: Thank you. Please continue down the steps in the requested order until you notice something else.

Both subjects continue down the stairwell for another 34 flights, X’s showing on each L.E.D. location on the landing walls. Subjects stop at the 51st landing.

D-8115: What the fuck?
D-7806: Uhhhhhhh, hey Doc? What’s up with the wall?

Both video feeds show new gouges carved into the wall spelling out the word [MOTHER]-[Redact Before Full Declassification] with a slash through them. After cross examining the video footage from Exploration-II and Exploration-III, the slash is the exact same from said footage with the same length of about 50 centimeters long, 10 centimeters wide, except now in concept of crossing out the letters. The step on the next descending flight remains in the same damaged state as previous explorations. D-8115 starts to show early signs of an ensuing panic attack.

D-8115: This is starting to freak me out.
Dr. ██████: Noted. D-8115, please calm down. You both may continue down the stairwell.
D-8115: No! Not until you tell me what the hell that means!
D-7806: Hey, chill out, would ya? It could be worse. It could have said "NO TACOS WHEN WE GET BACK". [laughing] Stop overreacting.
D-8115: Would you shut the hell up?!
Dr. ██████: Please, calm down D-8115. We have nothing to do with this incident. It is as new to us as it is to you. Now please, proceed down the stairs.

48 seconds pass as D-8115 settles down.

D-8115: Whatever. Let’s get this over with. Lead the way, [REDACTED].
D-7806: Ooooooh. Now you’re turning into my kinda lady. You know, I’ve always liked younger women.

D-8115 slightly shoves D-7806 and they both continue descending SCP-087 in silence for approximately 18 more minutes until they reach the 89th landing. Black X’s stop after the 75th landing and crying is still not audible.

D-7806: Wait, hold up.
D-8115: What? [pause] What is it?
Dr. ██████: Please explain your reason for stopping.
D-7806: See for yourself.

Video shows entire 89th landing completely missing. Previous expedition showed a 1 meter hole in diameter on said landing. Subjects are instructed to carefully cross over the midway drop between staircases and continue down. D-8115 goes across first, D-7806 following. Note that both subjects claim to see a light turn on and off for briefly 2 seconds as they crossed the gap between flights, resembling the light description given by D-9884 in Exploration-III. Both claim it is “very far down”, “Roughly 50 flights or so”.

Subjects then stop to drink several gulps of water, D-8115 eats 1 nutrient bar, D-7806 eats 2 nutrient bars. After 4 minutes, they continue down the stairs for another 380 flights, engaging in small talk, arguments about [REDACTED], and take 3 breaks similar to first one in the process. After 1.8 hours of not finding any more occurrences and notably no sign of SCP-087-1, subjects stop at the 469th landing.

D-7806: Hey, Doc. How many of these things are we gonna see?

Video feed shows new gouges in the wall spelling the word [PLEASE]-[Redact Before Full Declassification]. D-7806 then proceeds to touch the letters, and as soon as subjects fingers come into contact with wall, audio picks up the child crying with the same sounding distance of approximately 200 meters as prior explorations; D-8115 shows signs of another panic attack beginning.

D-7806 attempts to calm subject down by grabbing their shoulders, which causes D-8115 to drop their flood light. The flood light switches off upon impact to the ground, unknown if broken or if it incidentally landed on the power switch. The flood light then rolls and bounces down the next staircase out of the visible area and into darkness; presumed to be on next landing and subjects are instructed to reacquire the lamp. Both go down the 13 steps to the next landing.

D-7806: Wait, what? [pause] Uhhhhh, where is it?
D-8115: I don’t see it. [pause] Maybe it slid between the poles and fell down the middle of the stairwell?
D-7806: No way, these things are freaking huge. There's no way these lamps would fit through there. Maybe it kept rolling down the steps.
D-8115: Okay, so it’s gone. Whoopty-fucking-do. Now can we please acknowledge the fact that there is a fucking kid down here?!?!
D-7806: Yeah, Doc, what's up with that?
Dr. ██████: That is currently unconfirmed and is now your primary objective. Please continue down the steps to confirm the source.


Unmentioned and unnoticed by the subjects, but there are no audio signs of the lamp continuously going down the next set of stairs. Extremely notable that all audio of the falling lamp completely ceased once it was out of view of the light.

Subjects continue down the next 3 flights to find no sign of the lamp and are instructed to continue without it. Subjects continue down the next 150 flights at a faster pace and continuously ask about the crying and [REDACTED]. All questions are to be ignored under orders by [REDACTED]. Sound of crying stays at the same distance for all 150 flights when the subjects stop again on the 619th landing.

D-7806: Okay. It’s official. This is soooooo fucked.
D-8115: Can we please leave? I don’t like this at all! I’m seriously freaking out right now!
D-7806: Clearly. [9 second pause] So what’s your take on this, almighty video watcher?

Subjects point both cameras to the wall, showing more writing. Although, instead of clean gouges, the word [COME]-[Redact Before Full Declassification] is written in what seems to be the same substance found on the 17th landing. D-7806 is continuously tapping their heel to the ground, and proceeds to touch the substance.

D-7806: [yells] FUCK THAT BURNS!

Substance appears to have a burning-like state of unknown acidic property and D-7806 sustains first-degree burns to the tips of their fingers. Note the child increased in volume once skin came into contact with substance and has decreased to approximately 100 meters down. Audio also picks up a cracking-type sound that is unnoticed by either subjects.

D-8115: Stop touching things, asshole! See what you did! This shit is straight out of a scary movie! I'm done! Fuck these stairs, fuck the Foundation, fuck you ████, and fuck you Dr. ██████. We’re probably gonna die down here. I'd rather be back in prison! Thanks, just what I wanted. I’m getting out of here, this is- [scream]
D-7806: Holy shit!

Both cameras view are on SCP-087-1, the face is approximately 40 centimeters away from D-8115 at the base of the ascending staircase, causing both audio feeds to fill with static screeches similar to past experiences with SCP-087-1. D-8115 falls back and comes into contact with the substance on the landing wall, as seen through D-7806’s camera feed. The substance burns into their left elbow and forearm, giving subject the same first-degree burns as D-7806. The initial shock causes D-8115 to then fall forward, screaming in pain, and proceeds to fall down the next staircase, out of D-7806’s flood lamp light and into the darkness. D-8115’s camera and audio becomes unresponsive as soon as subject enters the darkness. SCP-087-1 then vanishes and the cracking and static screeches cease.

D-7806: [loud and hysterical] What the fuck is going on here?! What did you get us into?! What the hell was th-that th-thing? Face? Whatever the fuck it was?!?

Dr. ██████: Please, D-7806, calm down. You must check on D-8115 and make sure that they are okay.

D-7806: [groaning] She! To make sure that SHE is okay! We’re real god damn people, you know?! [7 second pause]. This is the last time I agree to doing something like this ever again.

D-7806 descends the next 13 steps to find that D-8115 is not there.

D-7806: NO! This is NOT happening.

Subject’s vitals skyrocket as they descend SCP-087 at a rapid pace. After 47 flights, the subjects flood lamp fails, consuming D-7806 in complete darkness. Subject yells for 1.4 seconds then falls to the floor. It appears the subject has discovered the base of SCP-087; with no sign of SCP-087-1 or D-8115. The floor seems to be normal concrete, but the walls show to be completely covered in the acidic substance from previous flights. D-7806 sits up on the floor to catch their breath, and in front of the subject are 2 tall, wooden doors labeled [HOME]-[Redact Before Full Declassification] written in the substance. Both doors are approximately 5 meters tall and child’s crying is at what subject claims to be ear piercing level. Audio picks up 90 decibels.

D-7806: God damn it, that hurt. [pause] And this kid wont shut the fuck up.

54 seconds pass as D-7806 recovers, then searches their pack for a flare and the lighter. Subject lights one flare and drops the lighter.

D-7806: Where the hell am I? [pause] Wait… Hold on. Are those…? There's no way in hell they can be ████████'s. [23 second pause] And where the hell are the stairs? I couldn't have fallen more than a couple meters.

Subject looks up and the video feed shows no sight of stairs above for the subject to have fallen from said distance. Only an approximate 5 x 8 x (unknown) room with a threshold on a single side. Subject then gets up, walks .4 meters and picks up the previously acknowledged items. One is an extinguished flare, one is an unlit flare, and the other is a flood lamp. They are confirmed to be the items provided to D-8115 due to the subjects designation on the sides.

D-7806: How far down did we- [pause] I… even go? [pause] When the light went out… it's like the floor just vanished beneath my feet, and I fell.
Dr. ██████: Please stand by while I review the footage.

[36 second pause while Dr. ██████ reviews the footage and counts the flights before the fall]

Dr. ██████: The light went out on the [pause] 666th landing.
D-7806: Go. Fucking. Figure.
Dr. ██████: We request that you carefully open the doors and reveal what is on the opposing side. Please.
D-7806: OH, since you said fucking please! Sure! No problem, pal! And WE? So how many labcoats are gonna watch me die? [13 second pause] Fuck it, let’s see what’s behind door number HELL.

D-7806 stands up and runs quickly to the doors and fiercely kicks them open, revealing not a room, but what appears to be a small portion of an open field surrounded by darkness. Note that the child’s crying instantly ceased as soon as the doors opened, and audio could hear absolutely nothing but D-7806’s heavy breathing. Everything in this area has a dark red hue similar to an amber safelight. There is tall grass growing approximately 50 centimeters high and waving; seeming to be in the presence of wind. A large, leafless birch tree is on the left side of the “room” and a stone slab on the right that stands about 1 meter off the ground, is 5 meters long and 3 meters wide.

On the slab is the unconscious and restrained body of D-8115; note that all equipment given to subject at the beginning of the exploration are missing. D-7806 begins to walk towards D-8115, but stops immediately when a little girl, now designated SCP-087-2, giggles and walks out from behind the birch tree. SCP-087-2 appears to be between 6-8 years of age, stands approximately 1.5 meters tall, and is wearing a white sundress and dress shoes. SCP-087-2 has wavy blonde hair that reaches about 20 centimeters past shoulders and appears to be a normal little girl, except has no pupils, similar to SCP-087-1.

SCP-087-2: Can you please turn that light off, it's very bright and hurts my eyes.

13 seconds pass as D-7806 stares at SCP-087-2.

D-7806: I'm sorry, but I can't just put out a flare, that's not how they work. At least I don't think?
SCP-087-2: That's okay, Daddy can put it out.

The flare begins to get much brighter for 3.4 seconds, then immediately extinguishes with no actionable cause.

D-7806: What the… [12 second pause as the subject looks at the flare and around the room before resting the cameras gaze on SCP-087-2] Were you the one crying?
SCP-087-2: Oh, yes, that was me.
D-7806: Why were you crying? Is there something wrong? [pause] Why are you down here?
SCP-087-2: I was crying because I couldn’t find my mommy. But it’s okay, she’s here now. [Pointing to D-8115]
D-7806: She’s…. your mother?
SCP-087-2: Well. [pause] Not yet. But she will be. Daddy says she’ll be the best mommy ever. The last one didn’t really work.
D-7806: What? What do you mean?
SCP-087-2: It's kind of a long story.
D-7806: Well, [pause; looks around the room a second time; sighs] it looks like I've got plenty of time.
SCP-087-2: [giggles] You're funny. Well, Daddy said my real Mommy didn’t give me a proper birth. He didn’t like that and says I need a proper birth for me to be able to go upstairs. And since Daddy doesn't have his body yet, he couldn't help me fit inside the last one. It took too long and… [SCP-087-2 stops to wipe tears off of its face] she died before we could finish. But it's okay, now that you're here Daddy can have his body and help me go upstairs.
D-7806: Woah. Hold up. What do I have to do with this? [pause] What do you mean by “Didn’t fit inside the last one”? What couldn't you finish? [pause] Where is your father?

SCP-087-2 turns their head and looks over their shoulder to the back of the room. The darkness then retracts approximately 10 meters on the back end of the room, revealing another stone slab of the same kind that has a cadaver restrained to it. Upon closer inspection, it is confirmed to be the unrecovered remains of D-9884 from Exploration-III. D-9884 is in perfect physical condition except in the middle portion of their body where the clothes are shifted to reveal the abdomen area, in which a major incision has been made and many entrails and blood surround the area. Beside the slab is SCP-087-1 watching D-7806. D-7806 reacts with horror and starts lightly stomping their heel to the ground.

D-7806: Jesus Christ. [Subject begins to walk towards D-8115] I’m sorry, but I can’t let you do that to her. She needs to come back with me.
SCP-087-2: [SCP-087-2's voice raises to a recorded 110 Decibels] NO! Daddy will not allow it!
D-7806: [Subject halts, then slowly backs away] You know what, fuck this. I didn't sign up for this shit. I tried, now I'm getting the fuck out of here. Doc, you better have that door ready to close as soon as I get up there!
SCP-087-2: NO! You can not leave! Daddy needs his body!

At this point, Foundation personnel stationed at the door to SCP-087 are ordered to close and relock the entrance, as Dr. ██████ has deemed this newly acquired information critical to be controlled. Noting the incident of D-9884 being a requirement for SCP-087-2 to "Go Upstairs", presumes that they are trying to escape under hostile intentions.

SCP-087-1 immediately zooms towards D-7806 and stops 20 centimeters from subjects face. Previous static-like screeches return at higher rates. D-7806 reacts by stumbling backwards and falls back onto the closed doors. Subject attempts to open them but fails as the doors do not budge. SCP-087-1 retreats to a 1 meter distance while continuously watching D-7806. Static screeching decreases slightly.

SCP-087-2: Okay, Daddy. Me and Mommy are ready.

The darkness begins to slowly retract back to its original state, covering the remains of D-9884. Except it continues to come closer towards the doors, covering everything in its path. As it does, D-8115 becomes fully conscious and starts to scream incoherently. SCP-087-2 begins to giggle again, walks to D-8115 and stands next to the subject. SCP-087-2 then attempts to coo D-8115, telling them “everything will be okay” and “You’re going to be a wonderful Mommy.”

As the darkness presses past the tree, SCP-087-2, and D-8115; all sound, screams and giggles alike, immediately cease and all that is left is SCP-087-1 watching the subject. D-7806 starts to sob while being slouched to the ground against the doors. Subject then starts to pound on the door at a variable rate of 1-2 knocks per second and says under their breath [REDACTED]. As the darkness consumes the entire room, including SCP-087-1 and D-7806, all video and audio feed is cut.

Final Status: Failure
Total duration: 3.7 hours
SCP-087 is never to be opened again and undergo no further explorations. This log is to be expunged immediately. (skip to 1:43 for amazing lols)