173 2000 3 3000 682 a agent alien alive amorphous ancient and animal anomalous anomaly appliance aquatic art artifact artist artistic automaton autonomous avian bgrn biohazard biological bird book box breach broken-god building canine canon cctv chaos-insurgency child class clothing cognitohazard collab collaboration collaborative compulsion computer container containment corrosive creature dangerous d-class d-con2016 death devil dimensional disease dr. draft dream edawacsdenyy electromagnetic electronic elucid entity euclid evil experiment extradimensional extraterrestrial feline fire first food forest foundation fungal glass god goi hallucination haunted historical hive-mind hostile hub human humaniod humanoid ice ideas image immortal inanimate indestructable indestructible infectious infinite infohazard information insect interview invertebrate item joke k-class-scenario keter knowledge light liquid living location machine medical memetic meta metal metallic metamorphic mind-affecting mind-control monster mtf musical nazi neutralized new newscp no non-sentient object ocular organic overandover overandoverandover parasite parasitic pending phobia physical plant predatory probability profile psychic psychological religious reptile review robotic rock safe sandbox sapient scary scp scp-xxxx secure self-repairing self-replicating sensory sentient series shadow site skeletal sleep space spacetime spookypizza stone structure tactile tale technology telekinetic telepathic teleportation temporal test thaumiel the time toy train transfiguration uncontained unfinished unknown violent virus visual weapon weird wip wondertainment wood wooden xk xxxx

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