SCP-4SD (note hexagonal formative characteristic)

[mature audiences]

Item #: SCP-4SD

Object Class: ◾Neutralized

Description: SCP-4SD posits that 'the human number 666, 6|6' referred to by John's book of Revelation (13:18, reference below) is the above imaged hexagon; suggests confusion regarding correspondence of predating reference to current artifact.*1 When asked regarding the biblical reference afforded by John, SCP-4SD suggests that the meaning is quite obvious and extrapolates that the 'hoar' that rides the beast (Rev. 17) is the government, and that the beast is the people; that revolution turns upon the government and destroys it. Consists that he does not believe in the existence of God; indicates that logic dictates an all-powerful God as a creator demands a flawless creation that could not have failed, '…ergo, God is a logical invalidity or must be evil.'

'Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.'

SCP-4SD is listed as a top sat-residual entry at ██████ (state university). SCP-4SD seems to be able to solve, almost spontaneously, mental problems of exceedingly complex natures. Extensions of references that could not be completed in relation to, and seem to extend current extents of human knowledge include qualification of the primary inversion (binary, recursion) characteristic typical of the human genetic as isolating at every sixth nucleotide pair (SCP-4SD indicates that he is not aware of whether the dynamic is ordered to large-small or AT-GC pairing), reference to an open problem in mathematics regarding self-referencing formulae, and fusion power (as a replacement source of energy for oil) using rectified field stabilisation of plasmic iron (fuel) in a flow, driven into the fissile state via neutron bombardment. SCP-4SD indicates that nuclear alignment of the primary fissile fuel during activation generates a pressure wave capable of sustaining local fusion of secondary free particles. An extended ██████ research program is currently attempting to validate the posits regarding fusion energy; currently, no information technology exists to qualify the advances on the human genetic afforded.

Containment: Currently, as SCP-4SD has not manifested any injurious harm or threat to others, containment procedures have been limited to monitoring.

1)- On note, SCP-4SD initially indicated confusion as regards correspondence between the large hexagon at the north pole of Saturn and the formative hexagonal characteristic SCP-4SD manifests. After the interviewing agent requested clarification regarding the 'other hexagon', SCP-4SD proceeded to address the biblical passage in Revelation.