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Welcome to my new sandbox. After T. Tellmen deleted his original sandbox, he decided to make a new one. Better than ever, it includes:

  • Multiple gatling lasers
  • Walls constructed of bulletproof material
  • A system that vaporizes people who edit my page. I repeat, do not edit my page unless I ask you to.

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Item #: SCP-3000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-3000 is a complex of five apartment buildings constructed of brick ranging from 5 to 6 floors in height located in ████ County, ██. Records show that SCP-3000 was originally constructed from 1965 to 1967 with six buildings and was abandoned in 1975 following a fire1 that resulted in ██ casualties and the destruction of one building. SCP-3000's anomalous properties were discovered on 07/02/1976 by workers investigating the complex prior to a scheduled demolition. Following their discovery, amnestics were administered to all members of the demolition team and individuals in the area and the property was secured by the Foundation and Area-████ was created around its determined perimeter.

SCP-3000 appears to be the location of what are believed to be related spatial, audiovisual, and physical anomalies. Anomalies found within SCP-3000 include:

  • Various sounds that appear to have a source within the buildings that comprise SCP-3000
  • The apparition of new corridors and rooms in an often incoherent pattern
  • The apparition of what have been considered to be both corporeal and non-corporeal entities

More anomalies found within SCP-3000 have been listed in Document 3000-INA02, which is available for personnel with Level 3+ clearance.

Incident 3000-01: On 09/06/1977, personnel stationed at Area-████ reported that there were no



1. A book that, if read, introduces you to the proper solutions to things such as dividing by 0 and other anomalous things. It was written by a third party for a scientist who wanted all the knowledge, but he was overwhelmed by the concepts, including one for [DATA EXPUNGED].