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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid



Special Containment Procedures: At the current time, there are not any means as to permanently contain SCP-XXXX. However, after the Foundations' false-employment of SCP-XXXX the entity has not shown any interest in interacting with the outside world. Until the entity can be properly contained, SCP-XXXX is to remain under the assumption that Site-19 is its current place of residence and that it has been employed by the Foundation to create objects that will be used by personnel, and the other contained 'tenants1.'

SCP-XXXX is to be kept within a standard humanoid containment unit with a conjoined observation-room separated by a layer of fiberglass.The room is to be furnished with one chair that has been placed within a square chalk outline on the floor. SCP-XXXX is not permitted to alter this outline in any way, and may not move the chair outside of the chalk-drawn area.

Due to the high-risk that SCP-XXXX's creations may pose to Foundation containment and safety protocol, at least one member of personnel is to be constantly stationed to monitor this area to confiscate these items when necessary. All items will then to be transported to a proper testing area in order to be examined for abnormalities before being cataloged afterward. If necessary, SCP-XXXX may be requested to assist in the testing of said items, but only after an appeal has been approved by the Ethics Committee.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a humanoid doll belonging to an unidentified toy-line created by Doctor Wondertainment known by the entity as 'The Little Wonders.' The entity measures to be 53 centimeters in height, and weighs in at 1.27 kilograms. The fabric and stuffing that makes up SCP-XXXX are comprised of an unidentified element with an abnormally high resistance to modification, and damage2.

The entity is energetic in nature; notably appearing to have a heightened sense of curiosity while craving both the attention and affection from those surrounding it. On some occasions, SCP-XXXX can be known to go out of its way to supply toys it has made to these people if it believed that the action would garner praise; breaching its containment area, in the process. This, of course, is not permitted and if SCP-XXXX is ever found outside of their containment area without a proper escort they are to be placed in 'time-out'3 for one hour.

Time-outs are known to be one of the only tools that the Foundation can use to properly contain SCP-XXXX in its containment area. It is not recommended to abuse this method of punishment, and condemn the entity to a constant time-out, however. While unusual, what little authority the Foundation has over SCP-XXXX is purely what it appears to believe we do as some sort of estranged parental-figure, and it is not worth risking the entity rebelling against that said authority. It is an indispensable tool to use when displaying dominance over SCP-XXXX and has proven to be able to dissuade the entity from misbehaving on multiple occasions. However, if a time should arise that these tactics no-longer have an affect on SCP-XXXX, Protocol XXXX "Grounded" is to be carried out for the next six months.

How SCP-XXXX appears to be able to exist in reality is something that cannot be understood by the Foundation at this time, if at all. As a reality-bending individual who's actions are usually border-lining the absurd, it would appear that the natural laws of reality have no effect on the entity. Unlike a typical type-green entity however, SCP-XXXX is also capable of unnatural feats that would be classified as impossible for said beings such as manipulating things that do not exist or exist only in theory or concept. It is for this reason that it is unknown if SCP-XXXX truly is a reality-warping entity, or something far more dangerous. However, instead of using its anomalous qualities in a way that could be presented as a threat, the entity is fully enamored with the concept of entertaining those around it.

As the primary usage of its anomalous qualities, SCP-XXXX creates and mass produces anomalous items, creatures, and hazards. SCP-XXXX does not necessarily need to have any materials to perform these acts, but appears capable of manipulating what may already exist in their direct vicinity, if so desired. These creations are almost always follow a pattern of 'whimsy' similarly seen from merchandise manufactured from Doctor Wondertainment. That being said, while a hand-full of these items are not dangerous when handled correctly and even in some cases beneficial, most are highly dangerous for human use and could cause great turmoil if released to the public.

Addendum XXXX - A: History
Located while still in its packaging, SCP-XXXX was purchased from a pawn shop in Stephenville, Texas by Field Agent Cartwright on the 24th of March, 2017 after taking note of the recognized Dr. Wondertainment logo tagged onto the box. When the owner was questioned, no information was known as to how the object arrived other than the proprietor winning some form of sweepstakes they had never entered. Agent Cartwright then proceeded to file a report upon arrival at Site-73.

Addendum XXXX - B: Recorded Items Created by SCP-XXXX

Note: The following is not the complete list containing all items created by SCP-XXXX, but instead pertains to a small number that may assist the Foundation in understanding the capabilities of the entity. For the full documented record, please see the Annual List of Items Created by SCP-XXXX .

Addendum XXXX- C: Interviews/etc.

Addendum XXXX - D: Additional Information

  • SCP-XXXX appears to be aware of many known Wondertainment-brand objects, and life-forms contained by the Foundation at the time. Whether this is due to SCP-XXXX simply knowing of them during their employment at Doctor Wondertainment, or if they are responsible for their creation is unknown.
  • An unrecognized version of the Dr. Wondertainment logo can be found on the bottom of SCP-XXXX's right foot. When questioned about the marking, SCP-XXXX mentioned that it was there so it could: "Put the right foot forward in any situation." No significant information was able to be acquired.
  • Upon recovery, a slip of paper was found within SCP-XXXX's packaging. The document had a similar format and design to what has been seen with other Doctor Wondertainment brand items, but is illegible due to severe water damage.

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Annual List of Items Created by SCP-XXXX. ((To be added as a separate page.))