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SCP-XXXX-01 in the office of Doctor Weiss.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Blue

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-01 is to be placed within a standard humanoid containment cell. The inside of the containment area is to be furnished with one dry-erase whiteboard, an office desk, a standard school desk, a bed, and a toy-chest containing no more than ten items1 that have been approved by one Level-4 member of personnel. The placement of these items are not specific and can be moved around if so desired; SCP-XXXX-01 however is not permitted to do so.

Due to SCP-XXXX-01's chaotic qualities, the Foundation has found it appropriate to attempt some form of controlled environment around the entity. As such, SCP-XXXX-01 is to be contained within a basic simulation of an American educational system run by seven Foundation personnel. This procedure has proven to be able to distract SCP-XXXX-01 with 'homework' or recreational activities.

Two members of personnel will be given the week-long responsibility to individually monitor the entity in separate seven hour shifts. A further five members of personnel are then designated ‘teachers’ and will be given a specified subject that they will then be teaching for a six-month duration. Said teachers will be required to create an educational curriculum around their designated class in order for it to be taught to SCP-XXXX-01 during weekdays.

Requests to participate must receive the written approval from Doctor Weiss, the current head of SCP-XXXX-01's containment. Said requests are acknowledged, but will be denied if requirements are not met. As such, any and all that are selected to take part in this containment must be able to meet the below listed criteria to qualify:

  • All involved must have at least a Level 3 Security Clearance.
  • All involved with SCP-XXXX-01's containment must be experienced in dealing with reality-manipulating entities.
  • All must be already educated on how to properly perform basic teaching methods along with the advanced understanding of at least one teaching subject.
  • All must be able to behave in a child-appropriate manner for at least two assigned hours on weekdays2.

Any items created by SCP-XXXX-01 are to be removed from its containment area immediately by monitoring personnel, and studied for possible anomalous properties. It is not required for SCP-XXXX-01 to be present for these tests, but may be allowed in order for the Foundation to gain a better understanding of the functions of the items.

All forms for testing that is done with SCP-XXXX-01 is to be first submitted to the current Department Head of Research for approval. Testing must be done with strict supervision, and while in a calm, controlled atmosphere. Under no circumstance is it recommended to put SCP-XXXX-01 in any overly stressful, or upsetting scenarios in the effort to prevent any unnecessary consequences from SCP-XXXX-01's reality bending.

Currently there are no specific containment procedures needed to contain SCP-XXXX-02, and it is to be held in Site-77.

Description: SCP-XXXX-01 is a humanoid doll belonging to the toy-line known as "The Little Wonders" created by Doctor Wondertainment. It measures to be approximately .73 centimeters in height, and weighs in at 2.27kg. The entity appears to be capable of expressing emotions with the black fabric fused to its 'face', but it is unknown what kind of materials SCP-XXXX-01 is made of as they cannot be identified as any sort found in recorded reality. There is no logical reason why this material should have these attributes, but it appears to be highly durable (if not invulnerable), and is unable to be modified by any means5.

SCP-XXXX-02 is a 'Doctor Wondertainments Cardboard-Cryogenics-Box.' Appearing to be nothing more than an ordinary box, SCP-XXXX-02 acts as a functioning cryostasis device made in the shape of a packaging box. This being said, there is no possible reasoning as to why this item should function in such a way due to it having no traces of technology, or abnormal physical qualities other than activating once completely closed.


History: SCP-XXXX-01 was located while still in its packaging (SCP-XXXX-02) within a pawn shop in Stephenville, Texas by Field Agent Cartwright on the 24th of March, 2017. The object came to the attention of Agent Cartwright after noticing a tag with the Dr. Wondertainment logo on the box. When the owner was questioned, no information was known as to how the package arrived other than the proprietor winning a sweepstakes they never entered. Agent Cartwright then proceeded to purchase SCP-XXXX-01, and returned to Site-73 to report.

Overview: The exact level of knowledge held by SCP-XXXX-01 is not completely understood at the moment as the entity can appear to have the equal intelligence of a young child with a learning difficulty while at other times has shown to have a deep understanding of many obscure subjects and topics that would be well out of the range of average human intelligence.

The personality of SCP-XXXX-01 is very eccentric and social; often having a tendency to sing, and play with others. It can appear bashful around unfamiliar life-forms, but does not seem to fear any being it encounters. Whether this is due to it possibly knowing it cannot be damaged, or if its due to the entities' child-like mindset is uncertain. The entity has shown to have the mild desire to assist those that are around it with the use of its own anomalous properties, sometimes resulting in dangerous side-effects. While these instances of SCP-XXXX-01 'helping' people will not always result in danger, caution is always to be taken if such an event arises.

SCP-XXXX-01 is capable of an obscure form of reality-bending where whatever it does, it appears to revolve around the idea of the mass creation of anomalous items, artifacts, and creatures while not needing to adhere to physics of any kind. SCP-XXXX-01 does not need to have any materials to perform these acts, but does appear capable of manipulating their surroundings in a similar way.

By how SCP-XXXX-01 uses this ability it would seem that anything made by it is never made with the intent to harm unless provoked. Instead most everything it makes is made with the desire to bring joy to others. Unfortunately though due to the chaotic nature of this type of reality-bending nearly all of its current creations can still be inherently capable of bringing great harm to the user. It is for this reason that any items created by SCP-XXXX-01 are to be studied for dangers before being stored, classified, or destroyed.

Addendum - A: Annually Recorded Items Created by SCP-XXXX-01

Addendum - B: Interviews/etc.

Addendum - C: Additional Information

The recognized logo for Dr. Wondertainment can be found on the bottom of SCP-XXXX-01's right foot. When questioned about the marking, SCP-XXXX-01 mentioned that it was there so it could: "Put the right foot forward in any situation." No significant information was able to be acquired.