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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: To prevent any possible outbreaks, all personnel are to be designated a hazardous materials suit before entering this specified containment area.

SCP-XXXX-01 and -02 are to be kept in standard humanoid containment. The structure of the containment chamber must be able to uphold more than ten thousand kilograms at any given moment in time. Any ventilation must be installed to where they will be inaccessible without equipment, and must have the capability of air-locking themselves. Any damage that is dealt to SCP-XXXX-01's, and -02's containment area will result in all access to this specified containment chamber being denied until properly repaired.

It is required that SCP-XXXX-02 be escorted to Site-17 laboratories for monthly medical examination, and studies about the consequences of prolonged exposure to SCP-XXXX-01.

Concerning the matters of cytosol disposal: Due to the regenerative/adaptive properties of the cytosol samples taken by the Foundation, all samples are to be returned to this specified containment area where they can be reabsorbed by SCP-XXXX-01/consumed by SCP-XXXX-02.

Description: SCP-XXXX consists of two separate entities; SCP-XXXX-01, and SCP-XXXX-02.


Having the resemblance to a gelatinous humanoid entity with the usual height of .73 meters, SCP-XXXX-01 is a sentient, self-sufficient, single-celled organism.

Permanently stuck in a state of constitutive exocytosis, SCP-XXXX-01 appears to create a seemingly endless supply of cytosol from within itself which can then be expelled through the thick nuclear envelope that is used to absorb and dispel matter.1

As a 'cell-like' entity, SCP-XXXX-01 shares a similar trait to many different micro-organisms. If SCP-XXXX-01 proceeds for a long enough time without siphoning out cytosol, it will either begin to grow in size, or perform binary fission. However, unlike a normal cell SCP-XXXX-01 is also able to reverse this procedure and reform itself when separated, or damaged.

Much like a white-blood cell in the body, when exposed to life threatening situations SCP-XXXX-01 will adapt in some way as a result of that specific encounter; be it antibiotics, boiling or freezing temperatures, radiation, etc. (making the disposal of excretions nearly impossible.) This is due to the nearly fast-acting adaptive qualities that belongs to it, allowing the entity to protect itself from all internal and external stimuli at an incredibly quick rate.

While samples were taken to deduct what could have possibly been able to provide such a factor, the Foundation was able to locate several different compounds within samples of the entities cytosol descending into its own molecular structure. The entities structure seems to be primarily consistent of a liquid protien, SCP-XXXX-01 composes itself out of dissolved ions, plasmids, minerals, ███████, large water-soluble molecules, ████ ████████ ██████, and a diverse arrangement of organelles(all of which contain either a membrane bound nucleus, or nucleoid.) Some of these organelles from within SCP-XXXX-01 have been concluded to belong to multiple phylums, yet a vast majority have yet to be identified to belong to any known species of life both inside and outside of the Foundation.2

These studied samples, while containing nutrients that could assist in sustaining proper health, are highly dangerous due to SCP-XXXX-01's 'disease' that is carried within it. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that physical contact with SCP-XXXX-01 or any samples be refused without proper equipment.

Failure to abide by such a condition could lead to the loss of the bodies ability to bring sustain itself normally, and causes the inflicted to be unable to intake foreign materials into their body. Experiments in Site-17 have shown that this is due to the sickness overwriting the victims immune system to act similar to SCP-XXXX-01's. At first, the wounds that those infected may sustain are shown to heal at a unnatural rate through an enhanced type of Collagen-Formation as cells of the inflicted subject release large quantities of structural proteins and other nutrients into the afflicted area. However, after a week of being contaminated, all body functions except for respiratory, and immune systems will have shut down. All other parts of the body (excluding the brain, nervous system, skin, and skeleton) will be broken down into proteins for the bodies use as the infected victim will become a walking mass of contaminated protein muscle.

The healing process is described to be substantially quick, and feel like a burning sensation that intensifies depending on the severity of the wound. Even so, it is proven to be very effective when having to deal with ultimately fatal wounds or to replace missing body parts entirely.3

Those inflicted will be forced to starve as the body shall reject any food, or drink (other than water) from their body other than the cytosol excreted by SCP-XXXX-01. At this time the Foundation has no other way to dispose of those infected other than to suffocate the victims of this illness in an vacuum chamber before perishing due to undernourishment.


Standing at 2.11 meters tall, SCP-XXXX-02 is a male humanoid appearing to be between the ages of twenty and twenty-five years of age. Entity shows little to no signs of aging as it appears to be a side-effect of SCP-XXXX-01's disease.

SCP-XXXX-02 is the longest recorded life-form to be infected by SCP-XXXX-01, rendering it to be fully dependent on SCP-XXXX-01 for its' own survival. As such, SCP-XXXX-02's body can no-longer intake any materials other than SCP-XXXX-01's fluids. However unlike most other infected, SCP-XXXX-02 appears to have additional symptoms of the disease most likely due to being infected for such a substantial amount of time.

These additional symptoms include, but are not limited to:

  • Narcolepsy.
  • Intense Body Pain.
  • Seizures.
  • Involuntary Self-Cannibalization.

//Note: Said ailments will usually arise after about three days without cytosol intake. //

Between SCP-XXXX-01 and -02, it appears that unlike other records of the infected, there is a co-dependency between the two entities. This affiliation between the two appears to be completely fueled by what can be provided to aid the other (be it first-aid, physical/emotional comfort, or sustenance.) Other forms of such personal codependency have attempted to be established by other members of the Foundation, but none have yielded promising results.

Adding foreign materials to any acceptable given fluids has shown to cause physical discomfort within XXXX-02 as its body would begin to convulse, and expel the materials through vomiting. Any other material injected into SCP-XXXX-02 has also resulted in causing a great amount of distress as the substance would come under attack by SCP-XXXX-02's immune system within a matter of seconds.

The known reasoning for this phenomenon seems to be that those contaminated have their cellular structure altered as floating organelles from SCP-XXXX-01's gelatinous fluids find their way into the bloodstream via intestinal tract or skin-absorption, and merge with blood-cells to begin a form of Endo-Symbiosis. This has led to all cells in the organism to function as a unified immune system against outside contaminants as the body will viciously consume, annihilate, gain immunity, and recover from what it had previously come into contact with. However, this also means that any substance will be treated as a virus as medical injections/food items/etc. will be either expelled from the body, or violently destroyed by its altered blood cells.


Apprehended within the Western Hemisphere, SCP-XXXX-01 and -02 were discovered after the Foundation learned of an unidentified waterborne virus spreading around ████████, Texas.

Undercover field agents were dispatched to identify the threat before any action was taken by the Foundation over the course of fifteen days. On the fourth day, it was relayed back to the Foundation that the area had come into contact with a currently slow progressing but highly infectious plague, and Mobile Task Force Beta-7 was dispatched to begin an inspection of the area.

Field operatives had already begun to separate those that had come down with the unknown illness from the remaining populous by the time of the task forces arrival. Mortality rate had yet to rise, and the Lake ████████ Surface Water Advanced Treatment System Plant was temporarily taken over by Mobile Task Force Beta-7 in order to both shut-off the water supply for examination, and to question all employees or civilians that were known to be around the premises at some point during the past year. Any remaining field operatives were ordered to direct all contaminated civilians to be quarantined in the local cinema theater to test for any possible treatments.

Over the course of two days, there had not been any solid evidence proving that the Water Treatment Plant had been the point of origin for this disease. Instead, it was believed that the point of contamination lied somewhere between the Treatment Plant, and the public water systems.

SCP-XXXX-01 and -02 were initially located within the contaminated populous with XXXX-02 taking on the alias 'Bryan Goode' to supposedly advert any attention from itself and attempted to blend in with the quarantined civilians. Initially hidden inside of a canteen, SCP-XXXX-01 entered the containment area inconspicuously as well. SCP-XXXX-01 and -02 then waited to attempt any form of escape until an uprising began on the seventh day of containment and were eventually captured along the Northern Canadian border two-hundred and fifty one days after being spotted on security cameras in an attempt to cross into Artic Territory.

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