To Twenty-One Hundred Eyes Uplifted Under Scorching Skies,

It's not surprising you'd ask about expanding your influence into Three Portlands. The Three City is a well-known hotbed for people like us, and every young goddx like yourself wants a slice of the hot young hipster demographic to be the face of their following. My pacts with various other cosmological heresiarchs dictate that I save the juiciest marketing strategies for deities omnipotent enough to conjure me more than a single tonne of gold a month; nonetheless, I do still have advice (almost certainly not befitting for somegod of your stature).

I would advise you branch out to some of the more libertine groups within the city. I'm aware that the Madmen have a certain degree of influence there, and their more anarchist tendencies certainly align with many of the tenets of your belief-body. Certainly, any number of wandering artists might be inspired to take you on as a muse, though do ask for a background check before you shake any hands. Portlands has a history of harbouring the kinds of artists who turn their rivals into Impressionist works.

But it doesn't take me to forecast your specific powers might be more applicable in service to Oneiroi Incorporated, the architects behind most of the memory palaces in the Prime Plane. Their memetic engineering, your slightly distressing habit of telepathically inflicting sand-based erotic fantasies on innocent bysleepers; a recipe for a collaboration with a juicy cut in it for both you and your faithful advisor.

Afraid you're not paying me enough to say more, so that's all the advice I'll give you this equinox — though feel free to drop me another tonne of precious metal if you're in a real pickle that happens to fall within my hours of operation.

Yours in nocturnal apotheosis,
Saturn Deer & Fellow Degenerates Financial