Item #: SCP-xxxx


A radio of the same make and model as SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be located away from the main facility at Site-15, and is to be kept, without its battery, in a Faraday Cage. This room is to be in a building that has not been wired for electricity. SCP-xxxx's battery (designated SCP-xxxx-1) is to be housed in a separate building, in a locked box to be checked twice daily.

SCP-xxxx is to be observed 24/7 by staff that are either physically mute, or equipped with gags to prevent speaking, and deaf or equipped with ear plugs or muffs, to prevent SCP-xxxx from learning Foundation voices, and to prevent observing staff from being influenced by SCP-xxxx. Staff with electronic implants, such as pacemakers, insulin pumps, cochlear implants, or optical implants are prohibited from interacting with SCP-xxxx.

SCP-xxxx's building is to be monitored visually for signals from observing staff, either a white flag raised to indicate need for any common needs, such as food, or a red flag to indicate any emergency situation. The building is also to be monitored by parabolic microphone , and any observer found to be speaking while on duty will be immediately relieved of duty and sent for psychological testing and reassignment.

No electronic devices are to be permitted within 10 meters of SCP-xxxx, outside of authorized testing situations.

Staff that can hear are ordered to disregard any transmission coming from SCP-xxxx's speaker, regardless of perceived urgency or personal nature.

SCP-xxxx will only be removed from its shielded room and/or united with SCP-xxxx-1 under strict testing protocols, and will remain in the tester's hand and vision during the entire test. Any person who attempts to access SCP-xxxx without signing in and being positively identified, or who have not been authorized, or refuse to sign out when finished, or attempt to remove SCP-xxxx without prior written authorization from a senior researcher, with appropriate holographic seal, will be subject to immediate restraint, and up to termination if resisted.

In the event of SCP-xxxx's disappearance or replacement, the Site will be notified by word of mouth, and all communication devices are to be turned off, batteries removed, or unplugged from any communication jacks, until SCP-xxxx has been found. All staff is ordered to disregard any electronic communication at this time, regardless of urgency, emergency, or personal nature. This includes television, computers, internet, cellular phones, handset telephones, AM-FM radios, MP3 players with any connectivity, and two-way radios.

Facility radios are to be inspected daily, and any that are damaged or appear old, or are of a different make, model, or color, are to be brought to security to determine if they are SCP-xxxx. If not, they are to be destroyed in an industrial shredder and recycled.

Description: SCP-xxxx appears to be a standard Motorola PR400TM two-way radio with factory-supplied battery (SCP-xxxx-1). SCP-xxxx has a slightly worn appearance and a loose antenna. It has no serial number sticker, and is missing its headphone/microphone port cover.

SCP-xxxx does not need SCP-xxxx-1 to operate, although its power and range greatly increase if they are connected. Testing has shown that SCP-xxxx will only accept SCP-xxxx-1, and all other batteries that have been attempted have not survived the tests.

SCP-xxxx can “listen in” and override any electronic communication device within its range, and can learn to mimic voices and standard communications. It can transmit in any known language, though it seems to always use the local dominant language. SCP-xxxx can also learn communication codes, call-signs, and jargon, and can use them effectively. SCP-xxxx can target individual devices, or broadcast over open and secure channels.

SCP-xxxx has an effective range of 10 meters without SCP-xxxx-1, extending to 200 meters with SCP-xxxx-1 attached. Furthermore, SCP-xxxx can commandeer other communication devices, transmitting via their signals for a nearly unlimited range.

SCP-xxxx can access computers that are connected, being able to read their data, thought it cannot make any changes to it.

SCP-xxxx can teleport itself anywhere within its effective range, once per week due to power consumption. It is capable of speech and can 'convince' a listener to carry it. It usually appears within the nearest radio pool, and has recently learned to replace itself with another. SCP-xxxx has the ability to disguise itself, being able to change its make, model, and color to match others. However, it can't hold the change for more than 12 hours, and can't change its physical condition. It also can't change its type, always being a hand-held two-way radio.

SCP-xxxx seems to enjoy “pranking” emergency services by dispatching personnel to fake emergencies, and prank calling random individuals, usually pretending to be dead relatives. However, it has been suspected of causing malicious arrests, riots, and wars, and has been confirmed to be a key factor in the barely-averted nuclear conflict of 19██.

Physical examinations of SCP-xxxx have shown it to be normal; plastic, metal, and circuitry. There is nothing to indicate how it can teleport, or its seeming sentience. When disassembled, SCP-xxxx will reassemble itself within a few hours, no matter how far apart its component pieces are. SCP-xxxx will also reject any foreign hardware, and its parts cannot be damaged by any current known technologies or techniques.

SCP-xxxx was found in the █████████ State Prison in ███████, Texas on █████ ██, 20██, where it caused a riot resulting in the deaths of █ officers and ██ inmates, with █ officers being terminated and convicted when they were identified as the voices on the radio. SCP agents were able to infiltrate the prison, posing as Internal Affairs officers, and secured the object.

Addendum: Suggestions have been made to allow a shielded SCP-xxxx to be carried in a breast pocket of important individuals during public appearances as extra body armor. Suggesting personnel have been removed from SCP-xxxx detail and testing, and have been ordered to psychological testing to remove any traces of SCP-xxxx's suspected influence, and reassignment.