Tanzbox (get it?)

A kind man walks through the city streets, feeling the cool winds of the September evening blowing against his face. He is seen, but not paid attention. He never is. He sits down at a bus stop and waits because waiting is what one does at the bus stop. He lights a cigar to pass time.

Evening turns to dusk turns to night as the man waits. People and buses come and go, but the man stays. The bus he is waiting for hasn't come.

Night turns to midnight and the man is the only one left waiting. The lights of the sky have been replaced by the lights of the city as it falls to sleep, but the man is a wide wake and completely alone.
Alone except for the moon, the stars, and the figure approaching him.

The figure is clad in faded jeans, worn out sneakers and a shapeless black hoodie pulled over his head. He is very young and very pale. The boy shuffles nervously up to the kind man and asks "Are… are you the one? The one they talk about?" He asks this how you might ask someone if they were going to kill you.

The man smiles kindly, puts out his cigar and says, "I am the one they don't talk about. But if you found me, then I am the one you are looking for. Now," he adds kindly, "What is it that you what."

"Well, I… uh, you see…" the boy stutters, and as he speaks the nearest street light begins to flicker, slowly at first, then faster, and faster until it shatters loudly. The man looks at it, then nods kindly. He does everything kindly. "I see. You have uncontrollable supernatural powers and wish to be rid of them." "Uh… yeah," the boy says nervously. He did everything nervously.

The man sighs. "It is a shame," he says, "to see someone with so much potential want to give it all away. But, it is not my place to tell you what to ask of me. I provide a service, a free service, mind you, but a service nonetheless, and you are my client. But your powers can only be given voluntarily, so I must ask… Are you certain that you want me to take all of your powers?"

"Y-yes," the boy says uncertainly, "All of them."

"Then shake my hand, and the deal is done." The Man kindly extends a gloved hand. The nervously reaches out with a pale one. Street lights all around the duo begin to flicker, small objects begin to clatter and the ground itself seems to tremble with fear until…

Until it stops. The boy shakes the man's hand, and suddenly he doesn't feel so nervous any more.

"Thank you!" the boy says calmly.

"You're welcome," the man says, unkindly.

The boy looks at his hand, grateful to be free of his curse, then screams. His hand is gone, and a translucence is spreading up his arm live a virus. "Wha… What have you done!?" he cries.

The man relights his cigar and put it in his mouth. "You asked me to take all of your powers. That includes your powers to exist. Oh, I probably should have mentioned that early. But then again, if I had mentioned it, then you never would have shaken my hand."

The vanishing has reached the boy's chest. He tries to scream again but no sound comes out. He collapses to the ground weeping soundlessly as his body ceases to exist, and the kind man is alone once more, with nothing but the moon, the stars, and the bus approaching him.

The bus pulls up and vomits out people, and the kind man steps onboard. He is seen, but not paid attention.

"No smoking on the bus," the driver says. The man smiles kindly and put out his cigar.