Task Forces

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"Task Force" is a blanket term for groups of operators dedicated to performing a specific task, crisis response, or dealing with a particular situation. Task Forces vary in size depending on their assignment; the smallest force may have three to ten people, but larger forces are common, and most include many sub-teams deployed in multiple locations at once.

Each Task Force is assigned a combination of a Greek letter (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi, Omicron, Pi, Rho, Sigma, Tau, Upsilon, Phi, Chi, Psi, or Omega) and a number.

Task Forces may have special access to equipment using restricted technology (such as amnestics), and may be authorized to work extensively with outside elements in the interest of accomplishing their tasks.

The following is not an exhaustive list. Many task forces are permanently assigned to only one SCP object; these task forces are not catalogued here. Only Senior Staff may alter this list, though anyone may enter a request. Information on other task forces may be restricted to a higher clearance level.


Mobile Task Force Alpha-2 (aka "The Mailmen"): Surveillance and containment during routine transportation of Safe and Euclid-class items between Foundation sites.

Mobile Task Force Alpha-4 (aka "Pony Express"): Leads operations involving the tracking and recovery of known anomalous packages sent through normal public or private mail services.

Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 (aka "They're on our side, Sir!"): Takes lead in public misinformation and damage control. Currently working undercover in various media sources to cover up Foundation activity.

Mobile Task Force Delta-5 (aka "Front Runners"): Assigned to lead operations concerning the tracking down and capturing of anomalous objects which rival organizations are currently targeting.

Mobile Task Force Epsilon-8 (aka "The Midwives"): Primarily responsible for the destruction or removal of non-human reproductive materials spread in the general populace. Their name refers to their secondary function, when fertilization cannot be prevented.

Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 (aka "Mole Rats"): Exploration and recovery team specializing in large-scale or stationary terrestrial SCP items.

Mobile Task Force Eta-10 (aka "See No Evil"): Specializes in the discovery, capture, and quarantine of memetic hazards.

Mobile Task Force Theta-4 (aka "Gardeners"): Specializes in discovering, tracking and containing plant-based SCP objects.

Mobile Task Force Theta-5 (aka "the Bigger Boat"): Leads operations involving discovery and containment of aquatic SCP objects, and the tracking down of rumors regarding unusual catches at sea.

Mobile Task Force Iota-5 (aka "Tiger Bait"): Created to investigate anomalous variations of pre-existing terrestial lifeforms.

Mobile Task Force Iota-10 (aka "Damn Feds"): Takes lead in interception of SCP-related reports and disruption SCP-related investigations by local law-enforcement agencies.

Reconnaissance Force Kappa-6 (aka "Angel Eyes"): Assigned to various espionage projects relating to the Foundation. Notably associated with SCP-438. Currently assisting Mobile Task Forces with tracking and acquisition of potential SCP items.

Mobile Task Force Lambda-4 (aka "Birdwatchers"): Tasked with monitoring known SCP objects that currently move with relative freedom outside a secure facility.

Mobile Task Force Mu-4 (aka "Debuggers"): Assigned to lead certain operations involving the discovery, retrieval, containment, and destruction of computer and electronic-based SCPs.

Mobile Task Force Nu-1 (aka "Cause and Effective"): Highly-trained experts on probability, chance, and event manipulation, specializing in using temporal anomalies, resolving time-travel paradoxes, and the understanding of the laws of causality.

Mobile Task Force Nu-6 (aka "Triple-Dog Daredevils"): Composed of undercover operatives who resemble children or teenagers, along with support personnel.

Mobile Task Force Xi-8 (aka "Spearhunters"): Specialists in anomalous phenomena in any wilderness area.

Mobile Task Force Omicron-9 (aka "Hot Zone Dancers"): Specializes in operations involving known anomalous biohazards or known entities capable of creating anomalous biohazards.

Mobile Task Force Rho-5 (aka "Stitch In Time"): Assigned to the task of repairing temporal anomalies. Notably associated with SCP-276. Currently in the Victorian Period.

Mobile Task Force Rho-8 (aka "Roadside Picnickers"): Trained and equipped for navigation and exploration of areas with locally altered laws of physics.

Task Force Sigma-6 (aka "Puddlejumpers"): Protects and maintains facility and location outposts at Command-████, established using SCP-120.

Mobile Task Force Chi-7 (aka "Spotlight Specialists"): Specialize in dealing with SCP objects which typically operate in the absence of light.

Mobile Task Force Psi-8 (aka "The Silencers"): Assigned to discover all forms of communication between graves and the surface, normally put into place as a precaution against accidental burial (such as pipes, bells, and phones) and sever them.

Mobile Task Force Omega-7 (aka "Pandora's Box"): Formerly handled a group of cooperative humanoid SCP objects, primarily SCP-076, tasked with performing special assignments. This entry is to be removed by order of the Records and Information Security Administration.


The nature of Task Forces depends on the canon in question. There are multiple possible interpretations. The following is simply advice, which does not reflect an absolute consensus (because there is no site-wide consensus) and is not set in stone.

The vast, shadowy organization that is the Foundation likely would require several large General Task Forces based in several areas around the world, each over a thousand strong. A General Task Force would possess all the components to enable it to respond to any crisis, such as combat, engineering, scientific, technical, and medical personnel, containment specialists, and individual task forces for special situations.

A less "vast" Foundation might have only one single General Task Force. An even smaller Foundation might have only small Mobile Task Forces, and would need to coordinate with (or manipulate) outside military forces to accomplish larger goals.

Small task forces of 3 - 10 members would likely handle investigation, infiltration, assassination, or occasionally grabbing a single SCP object under tricky circumstances. Fewer people to arouse fewer suspicions.

Direct assault would tend to involve larger task forces. For a typical "home invasion" example (to contain an SCP in a location approximately the size of a house), a 40 - 50 member task force might be typical: a third to maintain a perimeter and security, a third to act as support, and a third to perform the assault. Larger task forces would be mobilized for larger buildings (though, naturally, the task force will divide up once inside). To blend in, task forces of this size might pose as paramedics, firefighters, police offers, or the national guard.

If you want to stick to the "realism" side of things, don't make an extremely tiny task force assigned to job that would take many members. And especially don't make a task force specifically dedicated to something as basic as "desert survival" or "close-quarters combat in a biohazard situation". Presumably most or all MTF members would have such extremely basic skills. If it could be handled by literally any element of a larger group, it probably doesn't need a specific task force.

Keep in mind also that members of one task force are likely also members of other task forces as well, especially when it comes to specialty task forces whose services may not be required at all times.

Finally… as a writer, you are not bound to following the guidelines established here, and you are free to make your own assumptions.