SCP-2676 propsal (Teacup of Imagination)

Item #: SCP-2676

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2676 is to be kept in a glass container measuring 1m x 1m x 1m, located in laboratory 8 with at least two guard personnel on duty at all times. Any personnel who wish to perform tests must submit a formal request to site command. Researchers are to be accompanied by one guard during testing, and must submit a report of results upon test completion.

Description: SCP-2676 is a █████-brand teacup with brown ██████ ██████ pattern. SCP-2676 has been observed to contain tea at all times, refilling itself when emptied. When a subject thinks of something and reaches into the cup, upon pulling their hand out they will be holding whatever it is they thought of. Anything can be pulled out of the cup regardless of size, despite the size of SCP-2676 never changing.

Document 10: Dr. █████ test log
Item: One ten kilogram weight.
Result: One ten kilogram weight.
Note: During the removal of the object, SCP-2676s weight remained constant. This implies that SCP-2676 is pulling the object from some sort of pocket realm. Dr. █████

Document 25: Dr. █████ test log
Item: One hourglass, with the contents on the bottom.
Result: One hourglass, with the contents on the bottom.

Document 26: Dr. █████ test log
Item: The object from the previous test, flipped so the contents begin pouring to the bottom.
Result: The same thing, with the contents in the same position.
Note: Objects placed in SCP-2676 appear to remain unchanged until removal. This has potential as a storage device, provided you can remember what you put in it. -Dr. █████

Document 42: Dr. ████ test log
Item: One nuclear warhead.
Result: Denied by Dr. █████
No. That is the worst idea I have ever heard. Dr. █████-

Document 70: Dr. █████ test log
Item: Something that can kill SCP-682
Result: One white post-it note reading 'Nope.'
Note: It was worth a try.

Document 70: Document 42: Dr. █████ test log
Item: Agent Harrison's glasses.
Result: Agent Harrison's glasses.
Note: Security footage show Agent Harrison's glasses disappearing out of his hands. SCP-2676 doesn't clone items, it takes it from wherever the object in question is located. How this works in beyond me. -Dr. █████

Document 100: Dr. ██████ test log
Item: One sample of the Spanish flu.
Note: I told you that was a bad idea… -Dr. █████