The forever banjo:
Object class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP:XXXX is to be kept inside a normal banjo case inside of a standard mid-value containment locker. Access is to be restricted to level-2 researchers and above for testing purposes only with written permission by ___
Description: SCP:XXXX Is an otherwise normal Deering Sierra five string steel banjo. SCP:XXXX 's anomalous properties are only revealed when someone of basic banjo skill strums any of the strings. …

SCP:XXXX's existence was brought to light when a foundation plant in the township of [Redacted] reported that earlier in the week, a local man who was known as a banjo enthusiast had "played" himself to death. Subsequent autopsy showed severe dehydration, malnutrition, toxic shock and infected blisters on the fingers, further analysis put the total play time amount at around 120 hours.

Before Anomaly Collection could
make it to the scene a local officer jokingly picked up the banjo after the scene had been examined and cleared. The following account is from the sheriff who was present at the time of the incident:

Sheriff B[Redacted] T[Redacted] J[Redacted]:

Agent [Redacted]: [Interviewer, can be blocked out using █]

Agent [Redacted] enters and sits down across from the sheriff. The sheriff looks miffed and nervous:

<Begin Log>

Agent: Hello sheriff. Could you please describe what you saw?

Sheriff: I know what I saw! I know it! No one else will believe me! They all think I'm crazy!

Agent: Please take your time, I know this is hard.

<End Log>

The sheriff was given class- C amnestics and released. To date no one else has come forward regarding any more incidents.: