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5/21/25, 0105 FST/EST



DEPARTMENT OF ORIGIN: Antimemetics Division

REPORT URGENCY: Immediate Response

CENTRAL EVENT: Yesterday, 5/20/25, at 2315 hours, the town of █████████, Colorado, went missing. An antimemetic effect prevented this from being detected by the general populace, and, for a time, the Foundation at large; however, Protocol Epimetheus allowed detection. Of note is the fact that this effect did not extend to digital records or the general human noosphere; only immediate perception of the town of █████████ was affected. However, at 2330 hours, a targeted infolaser attack containing an antimemetic package affected the human noosphere, removing all memory of the town of █████████ from biological and digital memory, excluding the [REDACTED] utilized in Protocol Epimetheus. At 2344 hours, Protocol Epimetheus was effected, and the Antimemetics Division notified O5 command of the event. A full scan of the Earth for the whereabouts of the town of █████████ was performed, including low orbit; this scan captured a large, artificial body moving away from the Earth at high acceleration (~1███ m/s^2). This body was cloaked with a direct perception filter. As soon as the body was detected, acceleration increased to 7███ m/s^2. This report was authored as the ship increased acceleration.

EVENT RESPONSE PROTOCOL: OTF δ-44 (“Star Fours”) was dispatched from FORC-03 in orbit of Luna to intercept the body. All OTFs are to move to Yellow Alert and await orders. All FORCs are to move to Yellow Alert and await orders. All Level 3/MIMIR personnel are to move to Yellow Alert and await orders. MTF τ-5 (“Samsara”) is to report immediately to Site-██ and prepare for transfer to FORC-06.

Civilian: Town of █████████, Colorado - MIA
Foundation: [REDACTED]


Multiple attempts to reestablish contact with O5-5 and Site-25 have failed. The unknown spacecraft appears to be “dethreading” any signal which intersects it; only passive observation utilizing digital mnestics has been effective at tracking the object. ω-0 ("Ará Orún") has dispatched a force to aid τ-5.


Ladies and gentlemen of the Foundation, we knew this day would come. For our many varied senses, when ranged into the cosmos, found so many sparks of life, it was inevitable that we in turn would be observed. We anticipated alien life, and the plan was to watch and guide, but not interfere.

That plan is no longer viable.

These beings, whatever they may be, have shown hostility to humanity, and, worse, a propensity for the antimemetic. Even now, Epimetheus is uncovering hundreds of incidents such as this in our history, wiped out of memory. These beings, whatever their intentions, have been treating us like cattle.

No longer.

The Foundation cannot allow these creatures to prey on mankind any longer. We know not their motives, their capabilities, their technologies. We only know that, in the face of our combined will, they will not be enough.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Foundation, the O5 council has confirmed it. We are now at Condition Heimdall Red.

We are now at war.

-Director Kellig

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