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[[tab SCP-3144]]

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Item #: SCP-3144

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3144 is to be kept in a secure locker on site. The lid of SCP-3144 may not be removed under any circumstances unless use for testing purposes is authorized by Dr. █████.

Researchers may not handle SCP-3144 without proper safety equipment, and the lid of SCP-3144 must be securely reattached prior to being placed back into containment.

Description: SCP-3144 is an opaque red liquid contained in a small, glass bottle labeled "RIDICULOUSLY HOT SHIT!". The bottle is topped with a black screw-on cap made of plastic.

The bottle of SCP-3144 has no noted anomalous properties other than possessing the ability to contain it's liquid without being damaged.

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