SCP-2785: the banana spider
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The Banana Spiders


Object class: very safe

Special Containment Procedures:
The SCP-2785s will be contained in a jungle like simulated environment. No one is allowed to enter without permission. Were afraid that someone might get hurt, or even the SCP-2785s. any staff personnel with permission may operate the chamber and survey the SCP-2785s. any one who enters the chamber must at all times be wearing a hazmat suit to prevent any of the SCP-2785s to climb into pockets and hideing there

SCP-2785 is a spider mutated with a banana. It's abdomen is yellow, it's thorax is quite small not visible from a top view, it's face is white with three pairs of eyes and It has really long legs. It’s basically a "Banana spider". It shows no harm. We believe someone tried to genetically combined spiders and bananas. SCP-2785 can lay up to 1000 eggs, but staff members in charge of SCP-2785 are told to prevent the "crowding" by removing eggs. SCP-2785's body (not including its legs) can measures approximately 6 inches long, 1 inch wide and tall. They can in fact, spin webs. the SCP-2785s life span quite long, 6 years minimum. Its diet is like any other spider, (any flies or insects that end up in their web).

other notes:
recently A personnel studding them accidentally slipped and hit one of them tearing a limb off. We discovered a week later that it had actually been regenerating the lost limb.

So far no one have been experiencing anything of SCP-2785 during or even after testing.

some SCP-2785s and SCP-2785 eggs have been given to biologists to experiment, test, study and observe them and there behavior. separate studies will also be taken place at the SCP facility. that is the only reason why there still being contained.