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SCP-XXXX with its cover closed

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be strapped shut with three (3) industrial elastic cords and sealed within a steel box slightly larger than the object's dimensions to fit room for both it and the cords. SCP-XXXX is not to be removed except during approved testing, during which it is not to be opened for more than 15 minutes under any circumstances due to the risk it poses to other containment methods. Subjects heavily affected by SCP-XXXX, to the point where long-term survival is not feasible, may be euthanized on request.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a copy of "Palindromania!", a comic book based around palindromes1 by American author Jon Agee. Externally, the object is indistinguishable from any other copy of the 2002 publication of the book. Upon opening it to any page, SCP-XXXX will begin fabricating spatial phenomena in a 2 meter radius around it, serving as an epicenter. This area of affliction extends itself doubly outward approximately once every 5 minutes. Individuals within the radius of effect that SCP-XXXX projects report difficultly in willingly approaching SCP-XXXX or leaving the radius of effect, and are mentally and physically altered, with the results magnifying the longer one is exposed2. About 2 minutes after initial exposure, affected subjects report having rampant thoughts revolving around palindromes and their nature, struggling to focus on anything else. Removal from SCP-XXXX's area of affect at this time will have affected subjects recovered without any lasting effects from exposure.

After 5 minutes of uninterrupted exposure to SCP-XXXX, subjects will become only able to speak in palindromes. Subjects recovered between the 5 and 7 minute mark are initially able to speak normally, but end each of their sentences with a perfect pronunciation of their previous speech in reverse. After 7 minutes, subjects are reduced to speaking in only "true" palindromes3. Around this mark, SCP-XXXX will also begin to change non-living materials and objects within its radius. Objects affected will "mirror" one half of their mass and appearance over the other side, essentially creating a "physical palindrome". After approximately 10 minutes of exposure, living beings will become subject to the same "mirroring" effect, both externally and internally.

Products of this stage of alteration in humans include organs doubling over or disappearing completely, skeletal structures either thinning or widening, potentially puncturing the skin, brain waves and activity being damaged as one half of the brain is replaced with a perfect copy of the other half, [DATA EXPUNGED]. This leaves most subjects exposed for this duration in a permanent state of extreme mental and physical trauma. Closing SCP-XXXX from cover to cover causes this phenomena to cease entirely. Upon re-opening SCP-XXXX, its area of effect will be reduced to the original 2 meter radius. Individuals previously exposed to SCP-XXXX will continue to alter from their previous point of exposure.