The Abominator
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Item #: SCP-1285

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1285-1 is to be kept in an airtight container within a secure storage locker and must be handled with sterile gloves to avoid damage. SCP-1285-2 are to be contained in a standard specimen bag on the same site as SCP-1285-1.

Description: SCP-1285-1 is the body of an animal superficially resembling a canine with six multiply jointed limbs. It is covered in a fibrous mat of tissue, stretched over a calcareous exoskeleton (referred to as the 'shell'). The head of the animal is composed of a single piece of shell containing sensory organs. X-Rays revealed several metal objects within the head of SCP-1285-1, which were removed via surgery. The metallic objects were found to be a series of eight (8) steel disks, together designated SCP-1285-2, inscribed with messages in a language very similar to Inuktitut. Fragments of these messages have been translated (see Document 1285).

Owing to its very slow metabolism signs of life in SCP-1285-1 are difficult to detect, for this reason it was at first assumed to be dead. Its cells do not divide and consume metabolites at such a slow rate that they are almost inactive.