The Basement

Item #: SCP-####

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-#### is located at the north side of Site-██, under a pile of rubble from the last destruction of one of the walls. Daily video inspection of SCP-#### is required, with prior level 4 approval from a member of O5-█. Every video inspection must begin specifically at ██:██ pm, and lasts ██ minutes. Inspections, as they are in the process of recording, stream live in the laboratories of Sector ██. Any reports of unusual activity and strange entities are automatically sent to Dr. ████ for analysis. Any approved Class-D personnel inspecting SCP-####’s infinitely expanding corridors must wear headphones (██████ Brand) to listen to instructions given to them from O5-█’s Sgt. █████, and also to prevent any hearing damage from the sounds emitting from the entities inside of SCP-####. After entering SCP-####, the door must be locked. Involuntary screen glitches on the LCD display of the video camera caused by certain undefined entities being the the line of sight of the camera lens have occurred in past inspections.

Class-D personnel inspecting the corridors of SCP-#### need special training by SSgt. ████, and previous experience handling SCP-682. There is a forty-five (45) percent chance that any personnel inspecting the inside of SCP-#### will survive. During the time of a single inspection, three (3) guards must be on standby at the entrance of SCP-#### at one time, for backup incase of an emergency. If the live-streamed video comes to a pause with the blurred face of what appears to be a young boy, accompanied by a scream for help, the transmission of the inspection has ended, and the Class-D member must escape as quickly as possible to avoid loss of their own life. A compass will not work while inspecting SCP-####, as the strong magnetic fields inside of the concrete floor causes the needle to disorientate, and sense of direction will instantaneously be lost. Flashlights are very essential in examination of what SCP-#### really is like inside. High capacity ██████ brand batteries are required to ensure that flashlights will work at all times. All entities are hostile, so maximum precautionary measures must be taken before inspecting.

Description: SCP-####’s entrance is a 19th century wooden door, leading down rigid wooden stairs into an extremely large, empty room of concrete. The room contains multiply hallways connected to many very extensive, smaller rooms. Each rooms contains entities that are indescribable by any highly trained members of O5-█ in Sector ██. Some reported entities include: what appears to be a young boy looking for his mother, and pen hovering above ground; a tall, faceless man in a suit, a humanoid figure with a demented eye sticking outside of its head, and a lizard-like creature lurking about with a spiked tail and missing limb. None of theses entities can be stopped with force. Only sterile levels of a combination of liquid argon and cyanide can neutralize all entities on contact.

Addendum ####-1: Over sixty O5-█ members have terminated in inspecting SCP-#### before Class-D personnel were chosen for operating. A memorial was constructed outside of Site-██ to honor the deceased members. Some of the names engraved on the marble wall include: Sgt. ████, Pvt. ████████, Sfc. ██████, SSgt. ██, and Lt. ███, all of which are respected the most.

Addendum ####-C: Along the fifth corridor, there appeared to have been writing in blood, as seen in the photo of the inspection on ██/██/██ at ██:██, in time frame of ██ minutes into the video recording. The writing appeared to have stated the phrase, “One with the devil.” “This must have been the leftover insides of those who lost their lives after the nuclear bomb went off in 19██,” says Dr. ███.

Addendum ####-█: An interview was conducted between Sgt. ████ of O5-█, and Dr. ███ discussing activities in the corridors of SCP-####, as seen in the transcript of ####-█-1.

Addendum ####-█-1: Transcript ████

<Begin Log, Skip to 00 hrs 02 min 06 sec>

Dr. ███: Please begin.

Sgt. ████: So, I had sent D-████ into the basement to inspect, as a part of his first encounter. I had went with him to make sure he was safe. It was all hunky dory, until we had spotted a figure that appeared to be an old women. We had asked who she was, but it was incomprehensible, and just stared at us like we were zoo animals…

Dr. ███: That is far up on the creepy scale.

Sgt. ████: It is WAY up there. Anyways, we attempted to walk around the figure, but it wouldn’t stop staring at us, and we had to do something. I tried to call in Pvt. ████ to see if he could help us out, but distance the sound travels in the basement is very limited. D-████ had remembered that we had brought with a flashlight, so we shined the flashlight onto the mysterious figure, and it… it…

Dr. ███: It what?

Sgt. ████: It… attacked us…

Dr. ███: How exactly did it attack you?

Sgt. ████: That thing grabbed my arms and twisted them, held them behind my back, pinned me down, and shoved homemade cookies down my throat, like any old grandmother.

Dr. ███: Ha ha!

Sgt. ████: It’s not funny! After the incident, I was in coma for twelve weeks! D-████ had the strength to pull through and take me back to the ground level. Lt. ██████████ then brought me into the infirmary.

Dr. ███: Oh… How exactly did D-████ pull through to take you up? Didn’t he get attacked too?

Sgt. ████: He did, but that guy is as tough as nails, and nothing can stop him.

Dr. ███: Ok, so did anything else happen after that?

Sgt. ████: No. That was it.

Dr. ███: Ok. I will send this interview to Dr. █████ for review and make sure that only the best trained Class-D personnel are selected for inspection of the basement.

Sgt. ████: Ok. Goodbye.

<End Log>