The Big Nast
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation will use leveraged assets and Agents placed in positions at major social media platforms, telecommunication companies, and internet service providers that would enable the Foundation to remove, censor, or alter instances of SCP-XXXX once detected. The Foundation will also work with government organizations, such as the NSA, DHS, FBI, and ███ to detect and suppress instances of SCP-XXXX. However, given the size and scope of the internet, the amount of images posted online following events where SCP-XXXX manifests, and the fact that all such images must be checked by Foundation personnel for instances of SCP-XXXX, there is difficulty in locating and identifying such instances in a timely and efficient manner. For this reason, and following the events of Interview-XXXX-01, Site Director ████ received permission from the O5 Council to enact Operation "In Plain Sight". See Addendum XXXX-01 for details on Operation "In Plain Sight".

Description: SCP-XXXX is an entity that can appear in any picture taken, be it a digital or physical image. To date, SCP-XXXX has appeared almost exclusively in photos on the floor of convention events that are typically centered around comic books, video games, anime, film, or television. SCP-XXXX will appear in pictures regardless of time and location of the picture being taken, even appearing in pictures taken at the exact same moment, but in two different locations at the event. SCP-XXXX can seemingly take on the form of any humanoid it pleases, with an apparent fondness for cosplay. The height, weight, age, sex, and general appearance of SCP-XXXX vary, depending on what form it has taken. Additionally, SCP-XXXX can also produce replica props of any kind to compliment its appearance. Of note, SCP-XXXX does not appear on videos either recorded or streamed, and did not typically appear in one-on-one photo ops typically offered with celebrity guests at such events until after Event-XXXX-01. SCP-XXXX also did not usually appear in pictures taken of panels or demonstrations that are scheduled, unless the picture is taken of the crowd in attendance rather than the panel or demonstration itself. This also changed after Event-XXXX-01.

Instances of SCP-XXXX are typically not noticed in any meaningful way until after such a convention or event has ended, and will typically be observed on social media, when people who share photos of the event notice that the same character was present in the background of multiple photos taken on the floor of the convention. The first documented occurrence of such an event took place on May 19, 20██, when a thread on popular website Reddit was besieged with photos from the San Diego Comic Con event. User █████ pointed out that SCP-XXXX couldn't have been in multiple places at once, but appeared in the background of three photos all taken of famed cosplayer ██████ █████ on the event floor, with SCP-XXXX facing the camera in each picture despite being photographed from different angles.

This discovery quickly went viral as more and more users shared images, and the post quickly made the front page of the site. It was eventually noticed by Foundation personnel, who had been monitoring the site for instances of SCP-██. The incident was quickly locked down, with Foundation personnel digitally altering the images in question and administering memetic amnestics to those who had been active in the discussion. The phenomenon was designated as SCP-XXXX and Researcher Mercer was assigned to its study.

Three other such events took place that year, occurring at Planet Comic Con in Kansas City, MO, C2E2 in Chicago, IL, and E3 in Los Angeles, CA. Each time, Foundation personnel were able to suppress and contain the phenomenon quickly once they discovered it, but not until hours after each event had gone viral, with one instance trending on Twitter for 7 hours before Foundation personnel discovered it. After this, Researcher Mercer suggested that Foundation personnel attend a convention, to see if they could draw SCP-XXXX to the event and attempt to capture or study the entity. Researcher Mercer was sent to Wizard World in Des Moines, IA on June 12, 20██, along with 2 other research personnel and 4 security personnel (See Event-XXXX-01).

After Interview-XXXX-01, SCP-XXXX was observed appearing at an increased number of conventions and events as various SCPs, most often as SCP-████. SCP-XXXX had also began appearing in staged photos typically offered with celebrities and public figures, as well as on stage during panels and demonstrations. Due to security concerns, Researcher Mercer proposed Operation "In Plain Sight" be implemented. This request was proposed to 05 by Site Director ████. The request was approved, and Operation "In Plain Sight" began shortly thereafter.