Item #: SCP-ACBD

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-ABCD is to be contained in small tubs made of maraging steel 7cm radius. The tubs of SCP-ABCD is to be contained inside a maraging steel chamber, the size of this chamber doesn't matter. SCP-ABCD's effects are nullified at maraging steel, reasons of this are unknown. The Blood's chamber is to be as airtight as possible, filled with Nitrogen. SCP-ABCD is to be checked for possible leaks of oxygen and hydrogen every hour. Nobody is to come into contact with SCP-ABCD before any tests.


SCP-ABCD is a red colored liquid which can absorb anything that is not maraging steel. It was first discovered in Russia, █████. SCP-ABCD was discovered by field agents who was sent to the location to discover a red liquid in the snow which had not frozen. SCP-ABCD can only freeze in temperatures of 24 Kelvin or lower. Before the arrival of field agents, several reports of missing people had been recorded from that area.

If a humanoid comes within 2m of SCP-ABCD then it will bind to the Oxygen or the Hydrogen in the air to fly towards the subject and jump onto it, and grow on it in 15 minutes. The recording of SCP-ABCD binding to oxygen or hydrogen was first recorded in 201█. SCP-ABCD's effects can be reversed via SCP-500. If the subject is not treated with SCP-500 then the subject will slowly begin to [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-ABCD seems to be sentient, which is very strange with itself having no organs or a brain. SCP-ABCD may be able to speak but this possibility is yet unknown. SCP-ABCD only grows via:

Living organisms that satisfy the 7 criteria for life.

SCP-ABCD can produce objects that are not the same color as it, fooling subjects into thinking it is an ordinary object. Upon contact, it will turn into SCP-ABCD and begin eating the subject alive.

SCP-ABCD emits a gas designated SCP-ABCD-2 which can knock out subjects in a matter of seconds. This gas can not freeze into a solid. The origin of SCP-ABCD is not known, although some theories present that it was formed in the atmosphere from some chemical processes.
Not much is known about this gas, or about itself.

Additional: SCP-ABCD was discovered in 200█, and Field Agents were dispatched to deal with The Blood. These field agents lost contact with the Facility until they returned.

Addendum 1A Date: ██/██/12
SCP-ABCD has been found to manifest into ordinary objects most often used by civillians. It seems to have learnt this from when it was still in Russia, █████.

Addendum 1B Date: ██/██/12
SCP-ABCD is now in hibernation. SCP-ABCD has a decadently cycle where every decade it goes into hibernation for 3 years. SCP-ABCD is expected to unfrost at: ETUF: ██/██/15.

Interviewed: ████

Interviewer: Dr.████

Foreword: Interview about what occurs during infection of SCP-ABCD after contact > with blood.

<Begin log.>

Dr.████ What did you feel during the infection?

████ I can't exactly… describe… how I felt… It … was painful, like.. something was > growing on me… I felt.. weird..

████ I-I… ugh… I can't.. It hurts so much… People looking as my skin inflamed…my > eyes growing deep red… I-..
████ ████ runs out. He runs to the roof but is shot by MTF guards before he can
arrive at the roof.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: ████ presumed MIA. SCP-ABCD later breaches containment out
of containment later that day.

Dr.████ Log 1a

<Begin log>
Dr.████: SCP-ABCD breached containment. It's spreading quickly… It's growing on the
walls and the floor a- I'm going crazy..
Dr.████: God… the people! T-The people!
Footsteps are heard in the background before the recording stops. Static starts.
<End log>