The boy who reads
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Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-xxxx-1 are to be kept out of public eye. SCP-xxxx's reading of nonfictional places are to be monitored and no more than five agents are to be sent to the location (as to not attract attention) to keep instances of SCP-xxxx-1 hidden. SCP-xxxx is the only non-scp entity with allowed access to the database. However, fake profiles are to be created to give the site an untrue look, and a game is to be created and agents are to record playing the game and upload it to give it an authentic facade. Testing on SCP-xxxx is allowed, but Class A amnesics are to be administered to SCP-xxxx afterward.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a person with a sex of █ and an an age of ██. SCP-xxxx's anomalous property occurs when they read about a nonfictional place. There is a 13.2 percent chance that in that location, an instance of SCP-xxxx-1 will be created until SCP-xxxx discontinues reading. SCP-xxxx-1 is an exact clone of SCP-xxxx-1, but approximately 1 meter off the ground. The instance will mirror the actions of SCP-xxxx. When SCP-xxxx discontinues reading the material, it becomes an instance of SCP-xxxx-2. Instances of SCP-xxxx-2 are SCP-xxxx-1's that take on the anomalous properties of another keter (and in one case, euclid-impetus) humanoid SCP. SCP-xxxx-2 instances will take on the SCP SCP-xxxx was reading about, if that SCP is Keter. SCP-xxxx-2 instances disappear exactly 30 seconds aftercreation.

An interview with SCP-xxxx, Dr. Bright was not meant to be in the room, but attempts at removing him were unsuccessful. for a portion of the interview.

BRIGHT: Hello. I am Dr. Bright. What is your name?
SCP-xxxx: Hi, Dr. Bright… I'm [REDACTED]. Who's your friend?
*Dr. Teir attempts to speak, but Bright interrupts.*
BRIGHT: He's professor Teir.
TEIR: Doctor. I'm doctor Teir.
SCP-xxxx: Well, Dr. Teir, why are you in my house, and why is everyone wearing clothing with a fictional company's logo printed on it?
BRIGHT: We're trick or treaters! And we've come to steal your booze!
TEIR: Bright, stop. *to SCP-xxxx* We are part of the SCP foundation.
SCP-xxxx: I don't believe you. The SCP foundation is fictional.
*Dr. Teir hands SCP-xxxx a copy of their file, along with a safe SCP SCP-xxxx was observed to be reading, as well as stills of footage showing Instances of SCP-xxxx-1 within SCP-173 and SCP-066, along with pictures of the aftermath of the event.*
SCP-xxxx: Oh my god.
BRIGHT: Hey, we've seen god. (see SCP-343)
*At this point, Dr. Bright is successfully removed from the room.*
*An instance of SCP-xxxx-1 appears within the same room. SCP-xxxx stops reading their file to look up at SCP-xxxx-1. SCP-xxxx-1 becomes an SCP-xxxx-2 and violently attacks Dr. Teir.*
The transcript abruptly ends at 3 minutes and 12 seconds. Dr. Teir is currently alive.

No more attempts at experimentation have been done, but two transcripts of SCP-xxxx-1 instances have been provided.

#1: Location: SCP-173's containment
SCP-xxxx-1 instance appears within the containment cell, all agents near the containment cell were evacuated to a different part of site-17 beforehand, as SCP-xxxx was observed searching for SCP-173 on
SCP-173 notices SCP-xxxx-1, and attempts to kill.
SCP-xxxx is observed to have noticeable neck discomfort, but neither SCP-xxxx or -1 are killed.
SCP-173 seems confused, but continues trying to kill SCP-xxxx-1.
SCP-xxxx finshes reading SCP-173's file after 3 minutes and 21 seconds. SCP-xxxx-1 becomes a -2, with the copy being, as expected, SCP-173.
SCP-173 appears suddenly oblivious to SCP-xxxx-2's presence, and returns to the corner of its containment cell.
SCP-xxxx-2 violently attacks SCP-173, SCP-173 does not react.
SCP-xxxx-2 disappears
A team of D-class personnel are sent into SCP-173's containment cell to inspect SCP-173, SCP-173 has many paint chips over the area SCP-xxxx-2 attacked, and a small surface fracture is found running along the base of SCP-173's neck.

#2: Location: SCP-087
SCP-xxxx-1 instance appears within the containment cell, all agents near the containment cell were evacuated under a ruse of a "surprise short day" beforehand, as SCP-xxxx was observed searching for SCP-087 on
Nothing happens until SCP-xxxx discontinues reading, upon which, SCP-xxxx-1 disappears. A deep, unrecognized voice says: "Finally". This unrecognized voice is hypothesized to be SCP-087-1 using SCP-xxxx-2 as a way of speaking, as SCP-xxxx-2 had a mouth, while SCP-087-1 does not.
The new speech entity, SCP-xxxx-087, has only spoken once more so far, saying: "Follow me."