The Broken Highway
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Item #: SCP-3995

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the large area conventional containment is impossible. As SCP-3995 is a reality anomaly the use of Scranton Reality Anchors are authorized. A minimum of 50 (fifty) anchors must be active at all times with a recommended use of 165 anchors, until a better solution can be devised to halt the growth of SCP-39951. There must be a perimeter of one (1) kilometer with armed troops guarding the anomaly at all times. The current containment procedure is multi leveled due to the subjects unpredictability.
Level call out description
L. 1 Human sighted The human specimen is to be immediately quarantined and subsequently terminated due to incident 456 no human specimen is to be rescued and allowed to live.2
L. 2 Animal sighted Immediate termination.
L. 3 Automated drone sighted The drone is to be immediately captured and studied for sentience and viability to advance foundation resources. All drones must be terminated within 2 hours of convergence.
L. 4 Unknown creature sighted Immediate termination and autopsy. Creature must be incinerated within 30 minutes of convergence.
L. 5 Leviathan sighting Immediate mobilization of no less that 5 Mobile Task Force units consisting of both land and air assault vehicles, and no less than 500 troops each.

Description: SCP-XXX is an area of land with a diameter of 1 (one) kilometer over a stretch of highway located off of route [redacted] within Indiana USA. The anomaly leads to an alternate earth that has experienced some form of XK class end of the world scenario. These events range from SCP-008 outbreak to alien invasions. The reality that SCP-3995 is connect to will change in a daily basis.
The anomaly appears as the refraction of light similar to that of hot air above a highway road. This effect worsens as the viewer gets closer to what is known as the point of convergence. The convergence point is the center of the anomaly. Once a subject reaches the point of convergence they wil be shamelessly transported to the alternate reality.
The observation and study of these alternate earth can take no more than 18 hours. If an expedition exceeds 18 hours it risks being indefinitely lost when the alternate universe is disassociated with the anomaly. Due to the nature of these alternate earths any personnel exploring these worlds must be under quarantine for a minimum of 7 days to make sure that there is no risk of contamination.

Incident Log 457: A human specimen was spotted approximately twenty (20) Meters away from the convergence point. The specimen reached convergence and was retrieved by Mobile Task Force Kappa-3995 and was put under quarantine. The specimen showed no signs of infection of SCP-610-A3. The specimen was cleared for debriefing and integration as Foundation personnel. After approximately two days of integration the specimen detonated infecting ███ personnel who were in the canteen. this resulted in multiple Keter and Euclid containment Breaches causing the onsite alpha warhead to detonate resulting in the loss of site-███.

Exploration Log 3: The participants of this exploration are MTF Kappa-3995-1 equipped with standard issue gear. The following people are in the Expedition team Maverick, Kilroy, and James.

Command: systems check
Kilroy: Check.
Maverick: Check.
James: Check.
Command: All systems are a go remember keep all of the seals on your suit solid we don't know what's on the other side.
Maverick: Copy that command. Alright boys let's roll out.
Kappa 3995-1 proceeds through the anomaly approaching the point of convergence.
James: Command?
Command: copy.
James: getting a visual of something big
At this time the helmet mounted camera on agent James began showing a massive creature approximately three (3) times taller than the chase tower.
Kilroy: Jesus that thing is big
Command: stay clear of that thing we don't want it somehow wondering through the portal.
James: copy.
The rest of the video is of the team going from house to house and finding eviscerated and decaying human corpses along with emaciated body's of unknown creatures.
post operation summary All of the world's so far have been catastrophically destroyed. The creatures that MTF-Kappa 3995-1 sampled show striking resemblance to SCP-████. SCP-████ is now pending further research and reclassification to Keter. SCP-████ has been reclassified as Keter and the containment procedure updated due to an attempted breach that was failed due to the information gathered while exploring SCP-3995.