The Chaos Lord's Sandbox!

Item#: SCP-XXX

Classification: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
Subject(s) are to be kept in individual, iron barred containment cells at original emergence site measuring 4 x 3 x 5 metres at containment site 17-36a with no less than 10, level 1 personnel staffing containment cells at any one time and at least 3 level 2 personnel onsite. The cell will be fitted with a computer monitor to view an inventory of images of random objects onsite belonging to class 1 personnel currently assigned to the maintenance of the subject(s) (including the personnel themselves) that the subject(s) an access every twelve (12) hours.

SCP-XXX are a group of 5 [possibly more, formally six (6)] sentient, bipedal rodent creatures. They can range from approximately 20 cm long and 8 cm wide when fully matured. They appear to have extreme minimal muscle and fat content in their body mass with all specimens displaying an exposed rib cage and a hunched spinal column from lack of strong back support muscles. The forelimbs of the subject(s) are small and relatively weak, while the legs are relatively powerful in comparison, able to propel the subject(s) at over 20k/ph for long periods at an unfed.

Specimens of SCP-XXX appear to have reproductive organs similar to common rodents, but mating has not been observed in contained specimens. although two (2) contained specimens appear to be juvenile. They have brains that are similar in size to rodents but do not require blood to function as an unknown substance is pumped through the circulatory system instead of blood. Their eyes have a twenty metre focal range in all directions and apparently have x-ray vision. They do not seem to require oxygen as no lungs or gills are present in the anatomy of any of the contained specimens of SCP-XXX.

All specimens of SCP-XXX have the ability to teleport random objects that they have viewed in the past three (3) minutes to a pocket dimension where they house all teleported objects collectively. They seem to garner some sort of nourishment that enhances speed in excess of 300kp/h making from teleporting objects. The nourishment gained depends apparently on importance of the object to the person it has stolen it from, [eg. a pair of sunglasses will provide little nourishment but an organ or a pair of glasses will strengthen up to ten (10) times that amount]. Over a period of twelve (12) hours, the effects of teleporting the object will wear off.

Teleportation requires a range of ten (10) metres (referred to as the 'strike-zone') to be effective and the viewed object can be the actual object, an image, a recording or a video feed. The image as a whole will not always be teleported as certain components of a viewed object can be individually teleported (eg. a cog from a clock or an organ from an animal). SCP-XXX will not attempt to teleport any objects that do not belong to anyone in the 10 metre radius and any object that goes outside the strike zone. Once an object has been teleported, it cannot be recovered.

All specimens of SCP-XXX emerged from █████ forest situated in the middle of mid-western [REDACTED]. SCP-XXX have shown that they teleported from their pocket dimension and created a crater measuring approximately 1 x 2 metres evident in a video log recovered from a video camera belonging to Mr. ████ ██████ who coincidentally recorded an emergence of SCP-XXX while exploring █████ forest with his family. Mr. ██████ and his family were found dead at the scene with multiple organs missing.