The De-Speakers

Item #: SCP-

Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP- is to be kept within a sound-proof room with a single sound-proof airlock for entrance and exit. Researchers investigating the item must wear noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs, and must not amplify the object’s volume above “-5” without permission from a Site Administrator. Upon entrance, the exit airlock door must be sealed shut before researchers may proceed into the chamber.

Description: SCP- is a subwoofer and two speakers connected to an MP3 player. The only discernible cosmetic anomaly is where the amplifier setting would generally display positive values, it displays negative values. When the MP3 player is enabled, the speakers will eliminate any sound in the room corresponding with the amplifier setting, “-1” being weakest and “-10” being the strongest. Due to the nature of SCP-, it has proven difficult to adapt the technology of the object to more practical use in stealth, as all researchers using it on higher settings require extensive cranial protection.

Upon advanced investigation of how the object operates, researchers discovered the speakers and the MP3 player appear equally responsible for the object’s effect on audio. When different speakers are used, the audio-elimination effect is similar, yet greatly reduced. When a different MP3 player is used, the effects of the speakers are reduced. Note that audio devices worn such as headphones do not work for undiscovered reasons. However, when both a different MP3 player and speakers are used, both will work without any anomalous affects. Measurement of the intensity of the silence in decibels (dB) has shown that they are emitting a sound intensity similar to that of standard speakers. A table charting the effects of SCP- follows.

-1: The intensity of sound drops slightly, it is difficult to hear quiet noises. No side effects reported.

-2: It is more difficult to hear basic audio, such as speech. Slight sucking feeling in the ears reported.

-3: Impact noises such as clapping and snapping cannot be heard. Ear pain has been reported.

-4: Audio of moderate intensity cannot be detected by the human ear. Hallucinations have been reported.

-5: Only noises of intense volume can be heard. Paranoia has been reported.

-6: All audio is undetectable. Difficulties in cognition have been reported, especially in “hearing themselves think.” Permanent ear damage has occurred in subjects exposed excessively.

-7: All audio is undetectable. Reports of a loss in balance have been reported.

-8: All audio is undetectable. Some subjects report confusion and a loss in sense of direction.

-9: All audio is undetectable. Complete deafness occurs to subjects excessively exposed.

-10: All audio is undetectable. Bleeding from the ears and death occur in subjects exposed for more than █ minutes.

Note: Side effects are cumulative, and the intensity of side effects increases as the duration of the subject’s exposure increases.

Reports of sensations of physical abuse and [REDACTED] have been recorded, but are uncommon. Subjects reporting abuse show no signs of physical harm. SCP- was discovered in a closed electronics shop, enclosed in a sound-proof glass display. █ Foundation agents were deafened upon the opening of the glass enclosure, as the device was set to “-8”. The display was unclear which product was being advertised; the speakers or the MP3 player.

It should be noted that the object’s effect on hearing and sound travels as if it were normal audio, penetrating walls and doors. When the sound is recorded using a microphone, nothing but silence is recorded, ruling out a strictly psychological effect.