The Eater
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Photo of SCP-XXXX after containment


Object Class: Truculent

Special Containment Procedures SCP-XXXX should be contained in a small vacuum chamber on site ████,████ it should be given ████████ every day.
When Testing all personnel must wear a biohazard suit coated in Batrachotoxin.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a jelly-like substance that retains a magenta-like colour, rarely it will generate blue glitter which has been tested to be hard titanium. After SCP-XXXX
gets in contact with any living matter or food SCP-XXXX will then grow by a diameter of 60cm.

After SCP-XXXX has constant contact with a living material or food and has grown up to 2m in diameter it will change colour into a crimson red. This is called "Ultra Mode" (nicknamed by D-Class)
In this mode SCP-XXXX will be very aggressive towards anything that moves. In this form it is Keter

it will then grow goat-like eyes which will stare into a humans eyes testing has confirmed that getting stared at by SCP-XXXX will cause permanent paranoia and crippling depression it will also make the subject have a seizure every 3 days this has a 40% of death

Recovery Information: SCP-XXXX was reported to be in a factory near ████████ ,Russia
SCP personnel were called to the scene and SCP-XXXX was contained pretty easily. when transporting the foundation made the mistake of containing SCP-XXXX with a few other captures that were alive this caused SCP-XXXX to turn to 'ultra mode' it then breached and broke its way out.

4 days later it was captured and contained safely in site ███.

Origin: with SCP-XXXX were discovered 4 books all named the same thing 'Slímið' which took along time to translate but the foundation finally found out it was Icelandic for 'the slime'. Researchers have read it and confirmed it was about SCP-XXXX.

In the Book it states that the book origin trace back to Iceland in 1045 AD when Ingólfur Arnarson discovered Iceland, he looked in one of the volcanic geysers and was shocked to see a glass jar with a pink substance in it He then proceeded to get it out which succeeded. After building his home he placed it close to his livestock as he thought it was a symbol of luck that the god of nature Freyr. This was a mistake as the next day all his livestock was gone so was SCP-XXXX, he blamed it on a ghost but soon discovered SCP-XXXX in its 'Ultra form'. It attacked and killed him and his wife.

It was then again discovered in 1904 by Pyotr Kozlov in close to a volcano called 'Eyjafjallajökull' he brought it back to Russia unharmed and when he discovered the books by the old Icelandic people he was shocked he through it down Mount Elbrus . It stayed there for the ████ years until the Foundation found it

Test A

Subject: SCP-XXXX
Procedure: A D-class was told to wear a biohazard suit this biohazard suit was coated in liquid mercury,

Results: when the subject D-class was exposed to SCP-XXXX it started to circle around him, it then grew for no specific reason (measured diameter of 10m but instead of entering 'ultra mode' it changed to a green colour it then developed a mouth it then proceeded to eat the subject D-class It was then captured and sent to its cell

Test B

Procedure: A D-class was told to wear a biohazard suit this biohazard suit was coated in Sulphuric Acid

Result: when the subject D-class was exposed to SCP-XXXX it turned a golden like colour, it turned into a jelly humanoid Creature