SCP-#### Static Figrue
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Item #: SCP-####

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-#### is allowed to freely roam the facility with the permission of at least two (2) -02 personal and must follow the guidelines given to it by said personal. Should SCP-#### misbehave, it is to locked in a 6m x 6m x 7m lead lined room withs it's laptop confiscated until further notice along with all it's other belongings excluding it's clothes. Should SCP-#### continue to misbehave it is to be dealt with using a small to meduim EMP blast which has always been shown to make the subject curl into a fetal postion on the floor of it's cell and calm down.

Description: SCP-#### is a 2.1m tall, male humanoid figure weighing 40.3 kilograms. Subject has always been seen wearing the following articles of clothing; a black zipped-up jacket, black wool gloves, black hiking boots, dark blue jeans, and a yet unidentifed dark grey gas mask. Subject describes the gas mask as part computer, allowing him see, talk, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject has no need to eat or drink but has seen sleeping at least two (2) times a week..

Underneath the articles of clothing, SCP-#### is seen as being composed of static (that one would see on an old Television screen with no signal) with a bodily structure of that of average human male with no facial or physical features. When not wearing the gas mask the subject appears to to be able to talk, or see but can still hear. Subjects voice is described as very mechanical and heavy. When asked about his orgin the subject stated that he dosen't know and that he just woke up one day in a abanoed building in █████████, █████ wearing everything he is seen with now including the gas mask,

When intreracting with any technological item that has acesss to internet, subject can fix and rid it of any virus by simply placing the palm of his hand on said item at the cost of the virus or multiple virus's enterting his body. When the virus enters SCP-####, subject will experince mid-high painful headaches. The only way SCP-#### can be relived of the headaches is that it will have to transmit the virus into a another computer the same way the subject would rid a computer of them.

SCP-#### has been seen wandering around the facility mainly for the purpose of exploring. When not exploring, subject is usually seen on his laptop (given to subject at request and without internet connection). When on the laptop, SCP-#### has been mainily seen on Microsoft word, Paint, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject has been seen to be proficient with standard side arms and has been granted a standard Borchardt C-93 pistol. For use in case of containment breachs or on-site attacks by the Foundation's enemys. SCP-#### has been viewed as being very friendly and polite to all staff, other humanoid SCP's, and even D-Class personal.

I dont know why SCP-#### asked for semi-automatic,German pistol dating back to the 1800's but he did. We offred him a Glock 22 and he just turned it down stating that he wanted a Borchardt C-93. He dosen't even know why he asked for one. It may be possible that the subject is of German descent. -Dr. █████ █████████.