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Picture of SCP-4181 captured by Agent ████ during covert recovery proxy outside of [Redacted] on █/█/20██(Image edited per confidentiality procedures)

Item #: SCP-4181

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

When not under current testing or dichotomized with Dr.█████,SCP-4181 is to be kept in any container incorporating common foliage1 or can be deposited into the cafeteria garbage disposal for bi-weekly composition, while under surveillance by qualified on-site botanist or by Dr."Photosynthetics" herself. (See Document #4181-1A).

Note:"To avoid accidental termination or sudden evanescence2 of SCP-4181, please do not leave said specimen unattended or not properly inhibited. (See Incident Report 4181-23). — Dr.█████

"Inhibition for practical use by the public is still awaiting confirmation" (Pending)(Denied)

Description: SCP-4181 conveys that of a common earthworm, however, DNA tests have shown that it is in fact a rare species of earthworm called the Giant Palouse (Driloleirus americanus) which belong to the family termed (Megascolecidae). SCP-4181 is exactly 9.271m(30ft=5in) in length, which is significantly larger than any known species within the genus or family of annelids that are currently extent and/or extinct.3 It has been proven that SCP-4181's dimensions are not constant, and that it possesses the capability to alter it's body composition to accommodate it's current habitation. This includes size, conformation, configuration and diet.

Object shows an extremely precocious form of casting, or the process of turning organic matter into nutrient-rich earth, However, the effects of object's anomalous properties allow it to not only alter organic matter, but inorganic matter as well. This is acheived by extensively reactive adaptation and configuration. Although this process happens within a matter of seconds, it is completely extrinsic.
(See Addendum 4181-2 and Experiment Log 4181-01). This process not only takes place for the assistance in the breakdown of various materials, but for other factors as well such as: living space, temperature, chemical or physical attributes of current refuge, and available comestibles.4

Object is currently being housed in Dr."Photosynthetics" office terrarium and is to be transferred to [REDACTED] for scheduled testing. Transportational transfer must have verified approval by on-site Site Director or clearance by two (2) level 4 personnel is also authorized.

Addendum XXX-1: Object shows a highly accelerated rate of digestion and production of extremely nutritive composted matter. Conversion seems to take no less than two to three minutes at most regardless of quantity or type of organics placed in its containment.

Addendum 4181-2: "SCP-4181's transfigurations have been conceived to be entirely internal; however after receiving reports from The Janitor about multiple "crusty worms" within the compost produced by the specimen, our assumptions have been disproved. The cadavers were later extricated from compost and sent to be DNA tested for any connections to SCP-4181. DNA tests later confirmed that all cadavers were in fact connected to SCP-4181, but because of objects' anomalous tendencies it is hard to be exact".5
"Further testing was done to discover how these instances are disposed of by SCP-4181 and how it transmutes different entities and transfers its conscience." - Dr.████

SCP-4181 Declassified Logs::select experiments listed

For access to all logs and records, please notify affiliated Head Researcher for appropriate clearance