The Euclidean Room
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Item #: SCP-1829

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The building Containing SCP-1829 is to be maintained as a Bed & Breakfast With 2 (two) Level 2 personnel manning the main lobby at all times, and a sign reading "NO VACANCY posted in the front window. assigned Level 2 personnel are to use any means necessary to prevent any unauthorized persons from entering room 2.

In light of Incident 1829-43 the following changes in containment are to be implemented: The entire building is to be kept on tight lock-down, a cover story is currently being fabricated, and includes the presence of mundane "Black Mold" in multiple rooms. Under no circumstances are any Civilians to be allowed within the building. Access for testing requires prior approval from at least one Level 4 personnel All tests involving SCP-1829-4 are to be performed by D-class personnel, with at least 2 armed guards present, but outside SCP-1829. All instances of SCP-1829-5 are to be terminated on sight, as there are currently sufficient numbers for research in our possession.

Description: SCP-1829 is one of 3 rooms in the Sleep Comfortably and Peacefully (Formerly █████████ ██████ Inn) located in ██████ ██████ Montana. SCP-1829 measures 3.5m x 3m x 3m, containing one Full size bed on a simple frame(SCP-1829-1), a small writing desk with chair(1829-2 and 1829-3), and a mirror (1829-4) measuring 1m x 87cm. There are no windows in this room. The only entry or egress is through a simple wooden door that is locked by a single standard key. within the space defining SCP-1829, no non-euclidean geometries can be observed, in any form. Drawings containing any non-euclidean forms appear to shift into the nearest euclidean equivalent. instances of SCP-1898-A and 1898-B do not function While within the confines of SCP-1829. in █% of Cases, Instances of SCP-1898-A failed to function even after removal from SCP-1829.

SCP-1829-4, on first observation appears to be a normal mirror, typical of a bedroom setting. All attempts to remove it from the walls of SCP-1829 have proven futile. in light of incident 1829-43, no further attempts to remove it are to be made. When observed by a person who has no non-euclidean objects, or depictions thereof in their possession, SCP-1829-4 acts as a normal mirror. as noted in Research Log 1829-32, Persons observing the mirror while possessing a non-euclidean object, or depiction thereof, instead see an alternate version of the room, which appears to exist in a non-euclidean universe. as cited in Incident 1829-43, an attempt to remove the mirror while in possession of a non-euclidean object resulted in researcher ███████ █████ being drawn into the mirror, and 35 seconds later, a number of Creatures (SCP-1829-5) crawled out, at first appearing like mice, but upon exiting SCP-1829, ██% reverted to strange, non-euclidean creatures. the observers at the front desk noted that the creatures seem to actively avoid leaving the building, corroborated by D-class personnel sent in to retrieve subjects for testing.
Excerpt from Recovery Log 1898-A-████ as written by Agent ██████

SCP-1829-1, SCP-1829-2,and SCP-1829-3 are confirmed as normal objects, and are no longer to be referred to by these designations. Dr. ██████ ███

Reasearch Request From Dr. █████