The Forgotten Memory

Item #: SCP-1363

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be tracked and terminated should another instance arise. Only one case has occurred, leaving the victim mentally unstable. Propositions to have Mobile Task Force Unit Iota-7 search for and eliminate any instance that arises have been made. Should one be found, the victim is to be contained in a bed in a 10x10x10 meter room with constant observation should the victim be able to survive the subject’s attacks. Once the victim has awoken, immediate interrogation is to be done. The subject must be terminated immediately, and may be best found after the victim is revived.

Description: SCP-1363 is a hallucination that is shown to be any area that is the origin of a traumatic event that the victim may have witnessed. Due to the nature of the area, the victim will be forced to lose memories of events proceeding after said traumatic event. He will proceed to follow steps leading up to the event. One is has occurred, the victim will attempt to go the same way he had done before, but will be stopped by SCP-1363-1
SCP-1363-1 is an entity that will resemble the person whom the victim witnessed dying. The entity will role-play the event and then, after the entity's "death", it will attempt to move the course of the victim's original path via psychological torture, resulting in the victim feeling strong, negative emotions such as guilt, denial, rage, and a growing insanity to even the world that he believes he is living in. The entity will not physically kill the victim; however he will occasionally use those means to lower the victim’s sanity . He will then let the victim commit suicide.

Addendum 1363-A
Interrogation made on Technical Sergeant ████ of Mobile Task Force Unit Delta-7. He is hospitalized on account of infection from SCP-████ and a fractured leg that has healed almost to its fullest extent.

Begin Log: ██/██/██ at ████ Hours
Technical Sergeant ████: I’m guessing this is about my previous “incident”, well it’s a hell of a story, ma’am. It started after this site, Site-██ experienced a major containment breach. We amended this quite well, however the current status was leaked and the Insurgency swarmed the facility. Most got out, we’re still checking if we have everybody here. Anyways, apart from the point, we secured the facility when me and several members of my unit reached the old medical wing, the one that was abandoned after SCP-████ started tainting the place. I had the other units head back to get Captain █████ ██████ on account of a strange occurrence. I didn't wait, and I… well, I entered the doorway to the medical wing and I found myself outside ██████, ███████████ sometime in the year of ██ when the shit there was getting bad. See, me and my brother had joined the Marines after we left Britain, and we were helping out there trying to get Hussein hung. Long story short, I shot my brother inside this building called “████ █████“ when some private force attacked. He was on top, trying to stab my brother, and I shot the both of them. Also, the leg wound is from a fall, I jumped out a window. After that, these marines start helping to get out and suddenly, as they’re taking me God knows where, my brother appears and he’s got a nice suit and tie on stained with blood from his neck. He starts telling me that it’s all my fault, stuff like that, and all this time these marines are trying to help me out, yet they run away and suddenly he’s there, dragging me to the functional hospital wing. But when we arrive, I don’t see the facility’s hospital wing, I see a wrecked room with a few dirty beds. Suddenly there are doctors and my brother is dressed in a lab coat. He was going to cut my leg off, ma’am. My leg. Yet all the while, my leg is hurting very much, and because of it, I’m able to see through the veil and I see the facility. It’s a wonder a broken leg saved me from getting myself amputated. I knew that it was not real, I struggled now, and I needed help. My brother… well, this thing, was realizing it. He just slows down and stops. Then Captain ██████ comes in and this thing gets life back in himself. He starts saying all this weird shit about his family who were killed in ██████ when the ██████ started killing off the MTF's families. Yet this guy walks over, drinks a whole bottle of scotch and manages to help me out. Now, I believe it would never work under normal circumstances, but since he hadn't gone through these hallucinations and he'd kept off his own emotions, he dragged me out of there and that thing didn't stop me. Haven’t seen that thing since.

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