SCP-2209 - The Fossilized Car


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2209 is to be stored in a 10m x 6m x 6m, climate-controlled containment chamber at Provisional Containment Site-28. Personnel experienced in automotive maintenance, xenology and paleontology must be on-site at all times in case further evidence explaining the origin of SCP-2209 is discovered.

Description: SCP-2209 is a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle made of fossilized bone (save for its absent glass components) marred by six three-digit claw marks. SCP-2209 was discovered by miners 86 meters below sea level in 2005 near ██████, Minnesota in the Lake Superior Iron Range. According to the geological and geographic location of the subject's discovery site, SCP-2209's date of burial is somewhere within the Cambrian Period1 of Earth's history.

After its discovery, SCP-2209 was transferred to the University of Minnesota, where it was intercepted by Foundation personnel and transferred to Site-28. All witnesses of SCP-2209 were tracked down and administered Class-a amnesiacs with the exception of Professor ███, Professor ███████ and Professor ██████, who were offered employment by the SCP Foundation in exchange for their silence.

Samples drilled from SCP-2209 have revealed that the subject's internal bone structure is largely hollow, lacking spongy bone matter and possesses a compact bone structure of an unknown synthetic material similar to high-impact resin, implying artificial origin. DNA samples of SCP-2209's organic components matches no known species of animal.

Xenology experts from Site-██ were called in on █/█/2005 when the words "They'll never find me here" were found crudely etched onto SCP-2209's hood in the O-Huk language and script spoken and written by the Mezzari Empire of Wolf-3592 following SCP-2209's removal from its limestone matrix.3

Temporal anomalies are a likely suspect in SCP-2209's nature and existence, as the Mezzari Empire are one of ███ alien civilizations known to the SCP Foundation to possess time travel capabilities. But as to how SCP-2209 came to be made of osseous matter, if not what the purpose of its existence is, remains a mystery at time of writing.