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Classification: Euclid

Containment: SCP-XXXX 01, 02, and 03 are to be kept in a square enclosure 9 meters tall and 15 meters in length. The temperature should remain between 29 - 37 degrees Celsius at all times. The enclosure is to be sprayed with water every 3 hours from installed hydraulic sprinklers to maintain humidity, and is to be padded with brick and dry wall 6 meters thick, with drywall placed between each brick layer to prevent a breech of containment. In addition, 1.5 meters of fire-rated glass should be used as the only view port installed to minimize risk of injury.

Description: SCP-XXXX 01, 02, and 03 are all arachnids of the the genus Latrodectus; the widow spiders. The measure roughly 1.8 meters in length (the largest), and are roughly 0.3 meters in diameter. They are marked by the classic hourglass shape on the abdomen, displayed by the average Black Widow Spider. However, the hourglass marking on SCP-XXXX 01, 02, and 03 varies in both color and mineral composition. Specifically, the mineral that makes up the hourglass shape will routinely shift between silver, gold, platinum, and diamond, which in every case (with the exception of diamond) appears to be influenced by internal temperatures. The changes occur as the melting point of the previous element displayed in the hourglass is reached.
SCP-XXXX all display incredibly high internal temperatures which result in intense residual heat, and can withstand at temperatures in excess of 1,100 degrees Celsius. It is estimated that SCP-XXXX can withstand temperatures up to 1,700; which is the known melting point of platinum. Aside from the hourglass shape present on the abdomen, each specimen of SCP-XXXX is entirely black. Based on the logs kept by Doctor Smithe, it is known that SCP-XXXX recognizes a social hierarchy, is more sociable than most arachnids, and is capable of simple problem solving ability.
The most defining characteristics of SCP-XXXX are its ability to spin molten webbing, and its highly lethal venom which gradually alters the chemical makeup of its prey items to match the mineral composition of its hourglass at the time of the bite. To date, no known antivenom exists for SCP-XXXX's unique type of toxin.

Discovery: SCP - XXXX was encountered by Doctor Smoletsky and Doctor Smithe (deceased) following a detour in the location of [REDACTED]. The doctors were searching for ███ █████ ██████ ██ ████, when they began to hear rumors of a strange occurrence that locals referred to as, "The curse of the ██████ goddess". Because of the nature of the initial expedition, and because it had been fruitless for an extended duration, Dr. Smoletsky made the executive decision as senior officer to follow the leads and trace the epicenter of the rumor. A detailed log was kept by Dr. Smithe, and was used during the trial of Dr. Smoletsky following his death, which ultimately absolved Smoletsky of any wrongdoing.

Several interviews were conducted, which took the pair to the ██████ ██████████ in [REDACTED]. Here, the doctors discovered that a local boy had turned up petrified into gold, and conducted an interview with the mother (given the code name "Diana", to protect the identity of herself and her tribe):

Interview with "Diana"

Diana: (Audible sobbing)

Smoletsky: Hello? Ma'dam. Ma'dam Diana?

Diana: (Sobbing subsides)…Yes?

Smoletsky: Hello. I'm Doctor Smoletsky; this is Doctor Smithe. We're here to find out what happened to your boy.

Diana: (Begins weeping and wailing).

Smoletsky: Diana! Diana, please! Calm yourself. We're going to find out what happened and solve the issue, ok? So please, I need you to remain calm. Now, what happened?

Diana: My boy…he was playing. He complained of a pain in his arm. He showed me a pair of bites and I washed him in the river. [REDACTED] said that it hurt, and that it wouldn't stop hurting. We rubbed it with herbs. It did not help.

Smoletsky: Was there anything else odd about it? Did it burn, or itch, or…

Diana: He said…he said…(unintelligible)…and then couldn't bend his arms. And couldn't walk, or (unintelligible)…and wanted to sleep. So we let him. And when we went back, he was solid! (Weeping is heard).

End Log

Following the interview, and many assurances that they would catch the culprit, Dr. Smoletsky and Dr. Smithe were given temporary lodgings at the tribe's camp. What else is known comes directly from Dr. Smithe's log.

Addendum: Removal of affected limbs does not show consistency in stopping the spread of the venom throughout the body. In addition, though untested, it appears that SCP - XXXX can alter the properties of the venom, as it is able to consume solid mineral by forcing it to reach its melting (and sometimes, boiling) point in order to consume the prey item. This, in conjunction with the ability of SCP - XXXX to produce scalding molten webbing out of the mineral displayed on the hourglass at the time it spins the web, suggests that internal mechanisms exist to quickly alter the temperatures of SCP - XXXX in order to process, consume, and extrude molten minerals.