The Gallant Society

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Arc 1: Empire State

The death of the Mystery Men leaves New York City's anomalous underground unregulated and undefended.


Chicago Spirit

Gallant Society

Herman Fueller's Circus

The Foundation

The Serpent's Hand

The Insurgency


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Major Arcana (Tarot)
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Bootlegging in Wyoming.
Law Enforcement during Prohibition.
Bootlegger car modifications.
1920s Forensics.
The Bronx
40th Precinct
Great Gatsby NYC guide
Police Cars


East Houston Street (1920s)
New York City Hall Subway Station
New York at Night (1935)
NYC Tenements (1900s)
Hammerstein's Victoria Theater and Roof Garden
Lower Manhattan at Night (1919)
Gasoline Truck (1925)

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Scraps/Ideas/Hot Takes

  • Prometheus as an alcoholic. The damage booze does to him are the real vultures.
  • 'The Family' as a group of police officers, with the main officer stealing anomalies and handing them out / controlling members of his group with them.
  • 'The Mask Society' — group of ultra-rich socialites who use anomalies to pretend to be a masked hero (like the Whisper), 'murdering criminals' and 'helping keep the city pure'. Murdering criminals here mostly just means murdering the poor. The Whisper murders them all.
  • Who murdered the Mystery Men? I think Mr. Night has been quietly murdering all of them over the past few years; this is just cleaning up.