Setting Bible


Angelo, Herman: Herman 'Mad-Man' Angelo is a moonshiner and bootlegger who drives Mercury, a supped up customized truck. From the Appalachians; WW1 vet and good ol' Southern boy with a heart of gold (but not much good sense to go with it).

Gallant, Michael: The mysterious benefactor of the Gallant Society. Powerful, mysterious, and — as of now — missing.

Greene, William: Bill 'the Chill' Greene; partner of Matthieu LaPierre. Low ranking member of the Chicago Spirit, operating in 1920s NYC.

Kent, Allen: Member of the Mystery Men. Killed in 1920s along with the rest of the group.

LaPierre, Matthieu: Partner of Bill 'the Chill' Greene. Low ranking member of the Chicago Spirit, operating in 1920s NYC. Has (limited) control over space; able to swap the positions of objects with similar mass and composition.

MacIntyre, Jacqueline: Known as 'Mac the Knife'; 1920s criminal with the face of an angel and a mouth full of rotting teeth. No sense of self-preservation. Fights against the Whisper.

Malthus, Robert: The Foundation's gentlest sociopath. Introduces the usage of beryllium bronze core bullets. Leads a group of anomalous persons 'trained' (via brain surgery, diethylbarbituric acid, and hypnotherapy) to obey his commands.

Mr. Night: The mysterious benefactor of the Chicago Spirit — Richard Chappell's silent partner.

Nemo: Squid-boy. Foundation experiment. Kind of a sweetheart; all bite, no bark.

Pendrake, Artemis:

September, Minerva: Michael Gallant's long-suffering secretary (and a powerful thaumaturgist). Currently running the near-skeletal Gallant Society entirely on her own.


Whisper, the: A supernatural vigilante stalking New York City's streets during the 20s and 30s, wrecking terrible vengeance upon those who have silenced the helpless and the vulnerable. Can hear the voices a person has silenced, and even allow them to act through her; also can suppress sound around her.


Agency, The: A clandestine branch of the US Secret Service formed in 1865 to investigate claims of 'unnatural occurrences' in the wake of the Civil War; they later became something like an ad-hoc low-tech US-based SHIELD in the 1920s up til the 1950s-60s (when the CIA used McCarthyism to shut them down). Ultimately replaced/gutted by the competing UIU.

Arcanum, The: A 'magical university' and secret society that pursued the Wanderer's Library (in the style of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn). Loosely knit, kind of incompetent; rich boy's club for magic.

Gallant Society, The:

Mask Society, The: Rich aristocrats using anomalies to pretend to be a lone 'vigilante' murdering 'criminals' (see: Poor people) in the late 20s. Killed off by the Whisper.

Mystery Club, the: An international group of mystery-obsessed folks.

Mystery Men, The: 'The fellows down the hall'; a group of anomalous persons who worked to regulate and protect NYC's anomalous community in the 1920s. An off-shoot of the Gallant Society.

Skeleton Crew, The: A group of anomalous hit-men. Possibly undead (or necromancers? necrokinesis?).


Underway: New York City's anomalous 'subway' system. Uses Ways and Knocks. Only method to reach Old York City.

Old York City: Parts of New York City hidden from view; anomalous, interconnected via the Underway. Mostly underground.


Accelerant, the: A special formula created by Professor Gibberne that allows the imbiber to manifest super-speed. Professor Gibberne has since disappeared; implied that he lived the rest of his entire life in a blink of an eye, trapped in a world of frozen statues.