The Hole in the Wall

Item #: SCP-3488

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3488 resides within an apartment building, within room 203. This apartment building is to be kept under the ownership of The Foundation. The door to room 203 is a heavily plated metal push door. This door will only open with ██, amounts of voltage applied to it. The door must stay shut when the room is not in use of Foundation personnel. The windows within room 203 are padded with metal plating interiors and sound proof exteriors. Room 203 must be kept under watch 24/7 using wireless camera's mounted to the interior of the room. The light switch to room 203 has been redirected to the hallway outside of room 203. Room 204 and 202's walls facing room 203 are packed with sound proof padding.

No more than three personnel should enter room 203. An interview with SCP-3488 may not be conducted unless, no less than 3 Level 4 personnel agree to this. No less than 4 out of 5 Level 4 personnel agree to this.

Note: During Any interview all personnel within room 203 must stand at least 2 meters away from SCP-3488. (See Incident 3488-1)

Description: SCP-3488 is a 1 by 1 meter hole in the wall of Room 203. SCP-3488's edges vary depending on SCP-3488-1's emotional state/status. SCP-3488 obscures all light sources attempting to reach the interior of SCP-3488, nothing can be seen within SCP-3488 as it is too dark. (Attempts to light SCP-3488's interior have been stopped due to no progress). It is unknown the size or length of SCP-3488. SCP-3488 has been recorded vocalizing from an unknown source. SCP-3488 shows no logical way of fitting within the apartment buildings walls, showing that SCP-3488 is a possible Pocket Dimension.

SCP-3488-1 resembles a human being standing at an unknown height. SCP-3488-1 is shown to have 4th degree, and 3rd degree burns throughout its body. SCP-3488-1 is sentient and shows signs of emotion as much as humans do. SCP-3488-1 prefers not to show it self but has shown its arm and hand on many occasions. SCP-3488-1 is unable to exit SCP-3488 fully and often expresses its distress in crying and screaming for hours. SCP-3488-1 vocalizes in English in that of a male. SCP-3488-1 has proven to be harmful when insulted and/or when long amounts of contact with more than three personnel within Room 203. SCP-3488-1 is capable of pulling in personnel into SCP-3488. It has been shown that SCP-3488-1 can reach up to four feet outside of SCP-3488's perimeter. It has been recorded that SCP-3488-1 can manipulate personnel to enter SCP-3488. Lost personnel currently at: two Three. The fate of these personnel is unknown attempts to enter SCP-3488 with drones have failed, as the drones feed shuts off upon entrance of SCP-3488.

Incident 3488-1: During interview #3, SCP-3488-1 proceeded to grab Dr. ██████ and started to scratch Dr. ██████'s face and eyes until an Armed Response Team attempted to terminate SCP-3488-1, causing SCP-3488-1 to enter an emotional state of despair. Crying for 7 hours before stopping.

Interview 3488-1: Dr. ██████ asks SCP-3488-1 some basic questions of his appearance and state within SCP-3488. SCP-3488-1 responds cooperatively and asks to shake Dr. ██████'s hand. After consulting with Lead Researcher ██████████ he agrees and contact is made with SCP-3488-1 passively. Dr. ██████ asks more basic questions about the interior of SCP-3488 before wrapping up the interview.

Interview 3488-2: Dr. ██████ proceeds to consult with Lead Researcher ██████████ before starting. Dr. ██████ asks SCP-3488-1 if he could exit SCP-3488. Which SCP-3488-1 replies with no. Dr. ██████ asks him if he could enter into the pocket dimension, no response is heard from SCP-3488-1. Lead Researcher leaves room 203 and watches from a computer connected to the mounted cameras within room 203. A class-D from nearby Site-██ is brought in by two armed personnel and is instructed to follow Dr. ██████'s instructions. Dr. ██████ proceeds to order the Class-D to enter SCP-3488. The Class-D does so and upon entrance becomes panicked and attempts to leave SCP-3488. The subject is unable and screams are heard within SCP-3488. Class-D subject is believed to be KIA by the assistance of SCP-3488-1. SCP-3488-1 enters a state of despair lasting 2 hours and 33 minuets.

Interview 3488-3: During the interview of basic questions to understand the IQ level of SCP-3488-1 Dr. ██████ asks SCP-3488-1 if he thinks that he is ugly because of his burns. This triggers a harmful attack against Dr. ██████ (See Incident 3488-1) before the interview is interrupted by an Armed Personnel Team attempting to terminate SCP-3488-1. Attempts are in successful but SCp-3488-1 enters a state of depression and begins crying for 7 hours.