The Immortal Child

SCP - The Immortal Child By Tyler Dekkers

Object Class - Safe
Special Containment Procedures - limited contact only with clearance of a level 4-5 officer

Object Origin - Found in a hospital after mandatory blood tests run by the clinic's staff the SCP Foundation quickly executed protocol. According to medical reports "she" was born on 19— in -—-. The child was ripped from its "mother's" arm though official reports say that she was the mother, the child's blood was of an inhuman bio-fluid. Tests show that it shows similar biology to SCP - 016, contradicting the reports.

Description - The object has been classified as a carrier of SCP - 016; although, it could not have been in direct contact with SCP - 016. When put in contact with SCP - 016. It shows no signs of any physical or mental change. When the room was filled with water the Object does not change form but does not seem to need oxygen or sustenance. The object is a small White/Caucasian girl around the age of 5-6 years old. Enjoys the average kid's activities. But since initial blood tests were not reported as unusual the object must be constantly under servaillence.

Addendum 01 - Object was exposed to SCP - 500 for 5 minutes. The object reacted to the pill violently by puking toxic blood (SCP - TIC-A). This "blood was sentient like SCP - 016"

Addendum 02 - SCP - TIC-A was exposed to SCP - 016 via a level 2 clearance personnel. The reaction was highly unexpected. Another (clone) SCP - TIC had been the object it morphed into.

Addendum 03 - After tests with SCP - TIC-1 its DNA results prove that it is exactly the same as SCP - TIC. More to come in future testing with SCP - TIC-A, SCP - 016 and other SCP/subjects in specified testing confinements.

Addendum 03 - Test done by Doctor J. and Doctor. M. have shown that SCP - TIC has become aware of its body and all of its reactions with other SCPs and that " 'she' wishes to help." Doctor J. insists that the object be terminated immediately as well as all objects in question it. Where as Doctor M. insists otherwise, She believes that SCP - TIC can help with further testing. The final decision will be made by the end of the week by level 5 staff.

Addendum 04 Final - Though SCP - TIC has proven useful sustaining and maintaining will no longer be applied to SCP - TIC and all sub SCP categories pertaining to SCP - TIC. All staff that has handled SCP - TIC will be put through a final physic evaluation and will be discontinuing all actions and observations with SCP - TIC.

I did not create SCP - 500 or SCP - 016, but props to who did they were great and creative SCP's