The Joker
Subject-1587 prior to containment.

Object Class:Euclid
Safe Containment Procedures:
Subject 1587 is to be provided with a moderate room with a bed, TV, books, and laptopAS OF NOW, SUBJECT 1587, SHALL BE CONTAINED WITHIN A STEEL ROOM WTIH GRAVEL,WATER,AND SAND MATERIALS BETWEEN THE OUTSIDE AND INSIDE WALL!Subject, as of now, is considered Euclid and it's privileges has been revoked and punishments shall ensue such as

Laptop, TV, books, and comfortable bed.

3 armed guards shall be in each face of the room outside at all times. Only personal with Level 3 or higher clearance can enter in Subject-1587's room. ALL PERSONAL ENTERING THE ROOM SHALL BE EQUIPED WITH AUDIO-BLOCKING EQUIPMENT Personal entering subject's room shall be striped, searched, and x-rayed such as no objects with have potential for danger shall be taken by subject.

Description:Subject-1587:Real name is Joker (DATA EXPUNGED
. Subject is a male with pale white skin. Standing 6"1 feet tall and weighing about 5,000 grams.Has red crimson lips with blue eyes.Profession prior to containment was circus clown. Any attempt to communicate with subject has resulted with only laughs and exactly
deaths. Personal that attempted to communicate with subject, has laughed as in everything it's saying has been


that has served to only make Subject-1587 frustrated and from what the research team has observed


. Eventually Dr.


used her Level 4 clearance to gain access to the subject as an attempt to interview. Interview results, goals, and expectations is shown here.
Interview with Subject-1587, can only be viewed by personal with Level 4 clearance
Interviewed: Subject-1587, AKA > Joker.

Interviewer: Dr.(DATA EXPUNGED)


Foreword:Interview's goal is to communicate with the subject, results has been less than satisfactory. Interviewer will be referred as Dr. while the Interviewed as 1587

Begin Log, 1:30 PM

Dr.: Good Afternoon 1587

1587:*Says nothings and looks at Dr,*

Dr.:*Shows board and marker*, We've found a way to talk to you without people laughing at you!

1587:*Perks up, and looks at Dr..*

Dr.: Simply write what you want to say here and I'll talk as a response.*Hands board and marker*

1587:*Takes and writes,> Less Talk, say Dr. Chirp*


1587:*Throws board at walls, takes marker and (DATA EXPUNGED)


End Log, 2:00 PM

Closing Statement: Reason for subjects behavior are (DATA EXPUNGED). (DATA EXPUNGED) shall be shown to all personal entering subject's residence as to not (DATA EXPUNGED)

(DATA EXPUNGED) the personal has complained about it as they say

Those eyes are like the abyss.

Consideration of removing (DATA EXPUNGED).